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Latvia – a country of medieval castles and modern lifestyle

Latvia being a member of the European Union and surrounded by such countries as Belarus, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania and washed by the Baltic Sea, by many is called the pearl of the Baltic Sea due to the incomparable beauty of its land, rich in lakes, castles, natural reserves and rivers.

Those who plan a trip to Latvia, certainly will visit its capital Riga, which is from small to large streets and avenues shine by neat and clean. Riga is crossed by the Daugava Riga, on the banks of which is disposed the Riga Castle. Today it is the residence of the president of the republic. The most important symbol for the people of the city and the entire nation is the freedom monument, 42 meters of high, located in the center of Riga. It was opened in 1935 and is a masterpiece of the famous Latvian sculptor Karlis Zale, immortalized the image of Latvian girls, holding in hands three gold stars symbolizing the Latvian regions – Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale. In the sculptures and bas-reliefs around the monument you can see a pictures of the history of Latvia, from the invasion of the Crusaders and to the revival of the Latvian statehood. In close proximity to this is the Lutheran Cathedral.
In the area Zembale is disposed the Rundale Palace, which is a prime example of Latvian baroque, and was designed by the Italian architect Rastrelli. The Rundale palace today is a museum, and outside it is surrounded by a park of extraordinary beauty.

Visit Latvia at any time of the year and enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the landscape on the banks of the Daugava river!

The Old Town of Riga with its unique architecture also offers plenty of places for a pleasant stay, full of restaurants where you can try the local cuisine, enjoy the surrounding sceneries outdoors.
Capital, as well as the whole Latvia, surrounded by beautiful parks and a truly unique and lush gardens, and everywhere there is the opportunity to enjoy all types of recreation. Visiting Lake Engure, we can observe many species of birds nest or see wild horses drinking water on the shores.
In total there are 77 cities in Latvia, which have been created around the trade routes and major industrial areas. Any of them can be comfortably reached by car rented from Naniko.

Ventspils is the oldest cities of Latvia and is the second largest city after Riga. Initially formed as a port, today it is the largest port of Latvia, as well as here is placed the famous University. The old city center is surrounded by a romantic buildings and the medieval castle.
Meanwhile, Liepaja is an ideal place to spend a relaxing weekend. It is called the city where wind was born, and is a dynamic and one of the busiest centers in Latvia.

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