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Liechtenstein – a small fairy kingdom in the heart of the Alps

Would you like to choose for your holiday unusual and less known destination? It is certainly can be a trip to Liechtenstein, to this small country in the heart of Europe, which will be both relaxing and full of the knowledge of the rich history of the place. Although only a few years ago, this area was an unusual place for tourists, but in recent years the flow of tourists has increased steadily. This, one of the smallest countries in Europe, unusually rich in beauty.

Most likely, any trip to Liechtenstein will be began with its capital Vaduz, with a population of approximately 5,000 residents and located along the River Rhine. Art lovers can visit the art museum, which contains contemporary works. But the true beauty and value of this museum is in its facade, created by talented architects. The facade is made of different materials, such as painted in black concrete, river pebbles and basalt that create the extraordinary light show.

When visiting the capital certainly need to visit the Royal Palace, which is the residence of the Prince of the state. An interesting fact that its structure contains three different styles: medieval, covering the two wings, the Renaissance, with inlaid shapes create severe environment and neoclassical, giving the palace sober and subtle shades. Outside the palace is surrounded by a manicured garden full of colorful flowers, where visitors can stroll.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the small state and spend your best days during a trip to Liechtenstein!

In addition to the beautiful capital city, you can visit the neighboring and surrounding villages such as Balzers and Triesenberg on car rented by Naniko, where you will be met by a pleasant mountain climate and will have the opportunity to make trips in the open air in the middle of beautiful forests. You can also try some typical local dishes and purchase items by local artisans.
You must know that in Liechtenstein, the official language is German, and the country is not part of the European Union.

An interesting place to visit is the Cathedral of St. Florin, where is located the Archbishop of Vaduz. This building was built in the years 1869 -1873 by Friedrich von Schmidt, with the financial support of the princes of Liechtenstein. The church was founded in the neo-Gothic style with three naves and dominated by a tower with four small clock on its facade.

A typical and interesting place is the old bridge, built across the Rhine in 1901, of 135 meters long and it connects Vaduz with the Swiss town of Sevelen. This preserved wooden bridge is the only evidence of ancient bridges. For obvious reasons, travel is prohibited on cars and motorcycles. Crossing it, you can see the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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