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Lithuania – the land of dazzling natural beauty and peace of mind

Many would agree that traveling is a great way to explore the world, to get acquaintance with new places and amazing culture of different countries. We learn things that would not have imagine, discovering unique phenomenon and expanding horizons, creating yourself the pleasant memories of the incredible moments of travel. The world over is full of places that are worth to visit and be discovered, and among such places is Lithuania, located in Northern Europe and in recent years gained immense popularity in terms of tourism. You can create routes of different variety of species at any time of year, to visit the unique sights and places where you can spend time in complete relaxation.
Just 28 km from Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, isTrakai, a city known for its castle, built on the island, which in its turn is surrounded by Lake Galve. It seems that this fortress stands right on the water. At present, there is a historical museum and also a church that holds a picture of Our Lady of the XV century.

Enjoy a visit to the amazing places during an amazing trip to Lithuania!

A unique spectacular views offers Siauliai, called the Hill of Crosses. In 1993, after Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass for 100,000 of believers, this place became sacred, and the Hill of Crosses became a place of pilgrimage. Here you can see countless crosses, buried in the ground by Lithuanians during the Second World War as a symbol of hope and freedom.

Klaipeda, which is a port city is famous for its annual jazz festivals. It is also home to many artists working with amber, which is one of the main resources of Lithuania.
In the city you can see the eighteenth century building, located around the Theatre Square, in the heart of which is disposed a beautiful fountain with a sculpture Taravos Anike. Crossing by ferry the Curonian Lagoon you can reach the Curonian Isthmus, which in 2000 was declared a World Heritage Site. The peninsula is the natural desert and offers a truly unique landscape.

If you can prudently book and rent a car from Naniko, you can comfortably reach the Druskininkai spa resort, located 120 kilometers from Vilnius. It is a peaceful place where you can enjoy the greenery of pine trees and the relaxing murmur of the river.
In short, Lithuania is exactly that country where you can feel the joy of contact with nature, where there is no noise and chaos of modern times, but only resting atmosphere conducive to a perfect holiday. On the coast are the public beaches, in the forests can take a bike ride, and after a pleasant day in nature, you can enjoy a delicious traditional meal in the cozy restaurants.

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