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Montenegro – beautiful land between the sea and the mountains

Visit Montenegro gives the incomparable feeling at the sight of clean, blue sea, green lush vegetation and the white snow covering the mountains. These contrasting colors of its landscapes, rich history and mild climate, make you ever fall in love with Montenegro. Here in the long history composed with different milestones that made each its own characteristics to the overall character of the nation. For centuries it was ruled by the Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and even the Venetians and then by the Turks and Austrians. In short, this land of magnificent landscapes has rightly become today one of the most popular destinations of the world tourism.
If you are traveling by car rental from Naniko, starting from the border with Croatia, at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, meet Herceg Novi, a profile of which is created by walls and ancient towers, it has the pebble shores are washed by the Adriatic Sea, and the sun shines almost all year round, even in winter. Not surprising, that this beautiful city is amongst the major tourist destinations of Montenegro!

Travelling in Montenegro, one can enjoy the beauty and scenic roads, passing through Risan and Perast, you can reach the medieval city of Kotor, which is since 1979 together with the entire region and the beautiful bay, is included in the World Heritage list. This old town offers a walk among its twelve squares of extraordinary beauty, here you can see the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, the clock tower and the Doge’s Palace. Enjoying the spectacular views and filling the lungs with fresh air, through the stone stairs you can climb to the mountain behind Kotor, where the old castle overlooking the bay, the beauty of which is just amazing.

Discover the amazing world and get the incomparable experience of traveling to Montenegro!

Continuing the tour of the historical maze of Montenegro from Kotor, and toward the slopes of Mount Lovcen, you can pass through a long series of turns and road will surprise at every corner of the picturesque landscape. Here you can plunge into the lush vegetation of Lovcen National Park, located on the top of the mountain at 1660 meters, where is also the mausoleum of Njegos, poet and ruler of Montenegro. It is a known fact that when George Bernard Shaw climbed to the top of the mountain, did not fail to enthusiastically sing the beauty and uniqueness in his poems.

Negushi City, placed in the park, is the birthplace of Montenegrin royal dynasty of Petrovic. The city retains the characteristic elements of the traditional Montenegrin architecture, in particular, ancient stone dwellings, which would seem the time is stopped. Here, everywhere you can see the ads for the sale of the home made ham and cheese, and the air is saturated with wonderful aroma of these products.

And, of course, Montenegro is famous for its beautiful beaches, and most notable are the cheap prices.

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