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Nicaragua – a country of magnificent nature and exciting history

Among the countries of Central America, certainly worth noting Nicaragua, a country that can offer visitors extraordinary places along its coast, also in the interior territories. Nicaragua is washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea and has unique landscapes with lush vegetation, lakes, forests and volcanoes that form breathtaking views. In addition to nature, interesting ruins and remnants of the Spanish era are presented here.
The capital of Nicaragua is Managua, a city that is particularly attractive due to its beauty and history. Here you can visit several very interesting buildings, including palaces, the Municipal Cathedral and the National Palace. In the museums of the city, as Huellas de Acahualinca and the Museum of the Revolution, you can learn more about the history of this extraordinary land. Also, definitely worth a trip to the lake of the same name and the adjacent reserve of Chiltepe, which are among the most visited places in Managua.
Moving in the direction of Granada, you can make a boat excursion to one of the islets disposed within the lake, which is adjacent to the city. Also worthy of attention are such attractions as Central Park, the church of Guadalupe and the Cathedral. For the sweet tooth, it will be interesting to visit the Chocolate Museum, and adventurers will not miss the chance to visit the Mombacho volcano and the adjacent reserve, where you can enjoy the scenery of the majestic rainforest offering unique flora and fauna. This route is ideal for trekking accompanied by a local guide.

Visit places of unique landscapes and enjoy a trip to Nicaragua!

Meanwhile, near Leon it is possible to go on a hike to the Cerro Negro volcano, although, it should be noted that this excursion does not belong to the category of lungs, as it is necessary to climb the high slope of the volcano. Alternatively, you can choose to visit the volcano Momotombo, which has its sad history. As known, in 1605 there was an eruption of a volcano, with disastrous consequences and the destruction of the city. In León, you should definitely visit La Catedral de la Asuncion, a beautiful church, to which a long spiral staircase rises. From here you can see exceptional views. It would be sensible to make a pedestrian walk around the city to better explore the sights of Leon. Here you can also see the remains of the old city, included in the World Heritage List.

The diversity of the lands of Nicaragua can be crowned with seascapes. The Big Corn Island and the Small Corn Island washed by the waters of the Caribbean provide wonderful opportunities for sun lovers to enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and unique diving sites.

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