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Portugal – the country’s famous port wine

Portugal may seem somewhat unknown country in terms of travel, but this land does offer a lot of interesting places to visit. The question of what to see in Portugal has a very simple answer that there is a great variety of places that can satisfy the tastes and interests of diverse people. A distinctive feature of the Portugal is that the country is mostly spread on the coast and most of the beaches are fully integrated in the major Portuguese cities. But beyond the beaches, the cities are full of attractions, palaces and cathedrals, monuments, able to deeply impress the visitors.

If you travel to Portugal, among the most interesting destination, of course, will be its capital Lisbon, the busiest part of the country, offering numerous sights and attractions. Following the route, the next place of big importance will be Porto, the second largest city of Portugal, disposed in the northern part of the country. Among the important reasons for visiting this city, you can mark special culinary possibilities and the fact that Porto is the home to the famous port wine.

An interesting monument in the city is the Cathedral Sé do Porto, which is an exciting mixture of Gothic and Romanesque styles and Baroque. The secret to enjoying most of the city, of course is to get lost in the alleys of the town and explore the real way of life of the locals. You cannot miss the chance to visit Lelle and Irmao library, which contains one of the most extravagant staircases in the world, having the form of 8 with double convolutions. For amateur of photographs in Porto is presented the National Centre of pictures where exhibited the collection of vintage cameras.

Starting from Lisbon and following to Porto, discover this amazing country when traveling to Portugal!

Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, which has in presence about 240 km of beaches, and for this reason is the most popular place in the summer. Among the most famous beaches is the Costa del Faro, which is also popular for Spaniards.
Typical for this area is also the famous arch Villa, which is a medieval port, built in 1812 and today is a national monument.

Among the interesting places to visit can also be noted Albufeira, with its eight rocky beaches and turquoise water. You can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Church of San Sebastiano Ermide and Museum of Sacred Art.

All this and much more that can be seen while traveling in Portugal, can create the pleasant memories for you and give the desire to return here again to plunge into a beach holiday, cultural and educational excursions, visit museums and monuments scattered across Portugal.

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