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Romania – a country where was born the legend of Dracula

Romania is an interesting country that offers its visitors a broad range of ancient historical sites, forts placed in a beautiful natural environment, which annually attract numerous tourists in places like the Orastie and Tampa Mounts. Also, many modern entertainments await vacationers in the Black Sea resorts. The famous legend of the vampire Dracula refers specifically to the fortress in Transylvania, disposed in Bran close to the town of Brasov. The well-known fortress was built in 300 as a sentry post, erased on a rock in a narrow gorge. Such dramatic and spectacular surroundings helped to create an aura of mystery and subsequently was created the legend of the sanguinary Count Dracula that lived in these places. Architecture of Bran Castle or Dracula’s castle has evolved over the centuries, but still preserved the Gothic characters, narrow and winding stairs, half-timbered rooms, underground passages and towers that enhance its mystique.

The city of Brasov is disposed in the foothills of the Carpathians, and full of the architecture of the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic style, perfectly preserved throughout the centuries. Particularly the perfect examples of this can be admired on the Town Hall Square, where you can see the largest Gothic sanctuary in the country, the Black Church.

The remained defensive ramparts of the city indicate that in the past Brasov had a constant threat of invasion.

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The country’s capital Bucharest may surprise visitors by the variety of shops, bars and restaurants, but certainly impressive is the number of monuments and museums. This beautiful city earned the name of Little Paris. A curious fact is that the Parliament building, built during Ceausescu dictatorship, is the second largest building after the Pentagon.

In Bucharest you can discover a variety of restaurants with international cuisine, but it is better to fully taste the flavors of the traditional cuisine, typical dishes of which are prepared with cheese and polenta, or popular soups, seasoned with butter and cheese, or meat cooked on the grill.

City of Costanza is placed on the Black Sea shore and is a major port city with over 2,500 years of history. The name of this town is linked with a legend of the Argonauts, who led by Jason landed here, after the stolen of Golden Fleece on the territory of Georgia today. For a long time Constanza was under Roman rule, before moving under the Ottoman control. To date, there remained many historical monuments and ancient ruins, and there are also private residences of the nineteenth century and several interesting museums.

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