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San Marino – the microscopic country of the oldest republic

Being among the tiny country, San Marino is disposed in Southern Europe and is completely surrounded by Italy. As it tells the legend, the Republic of San Marino was founded in the early fourth century by stonemason from Dalmatia named Marino who took refuge from the persecution of Diocletian. This small country is admitted to be the world’s oldest republic. Developing and changing over the centuries, today this former Republic of Liberty is distinguished by its medieval charm. In the Old City, as the locals call it, winding streets lead to the three towers that represent the symbol of San Marino in the world. The unmarched beauty of this place is simply dobtless and the old center and Mount of Titan are the part of UNESCO World Heritage List. In Pianello Square you can tirelessly admire an elegant edifice of Palazzo Pubblico and Cava dei Balestrieri, here also held a traditional annual medieval festivals in the summer.

The state is placed in the territory of about 60 square kilometers on the slopes of the mountain massif of Mont Titano. Its metropolis is the city of San Marino, but in total in the state there are approximetely 30 settlements.

The state is so small that it can be freely visited even in one day, having the convenient means of travel, and for this is reasonable to rent a car from Naniko, which can be booked in advance.#

In San Marino there are three towers, which are respectively called Guaita, Cesta and Montale, and to visit them you need to buy a ticket. From Guaita tower is opening the spectacular views of the valley below. This tower is the oldest of the three and was built in the XI century, and till 1975 was used as a prison.

Cesta Tower belongs to a later period and dates back to the twelfth century. Although it is smaller than the first one, but offers no less fascinating and awe-inspiring views. Inside it is a museum of ancient weapons, which displays the objects from the beginning of the thirteenth and till nineteenth century.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a medieval charm and mystery of ancient republic when traveling to San Marino!

In the square of Titanium, in the palace of Pergami Belluzzi is disposed the State Museum, where exhibits tell about the history of San Marino, also here are the items donated to the Republic, among which you can see even the Egyptian statues. Entrance to the museum is free and sometimes various kinds of exhibitions are held here.

Public Palace, or the same Government House disposed on Liberty Square, and here are held the official ceremonies, and located the main administrative bodies of the country. On the same square proudly erased the Statue of Liberty, which was donated to the city in 1876 by Countess Otilia Wagener.

San – Marino is also known for its tax benefits and coming here on vacation, many combine business with pleasure and make a profitable purchases.

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