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Russia is a country of modern cities and vast lands with wildlife

The country, stretching over an area of 17 million kilometers between Europe and Asia, is called Russia and is the largest state on the planet. Russia borders on the largest number of states, precisely with 14. The country also has sea borders with Japan over the Sea of Okhotsk and with the United States along the Bering Strait. It washed by the Arctic Ocean from the north, by the Pacific Ocean from east. The populace of this vast state is about 140 million people, its capital is Moscow. The division of Russia has traditionally occurred in such a way that European Russia is considered to be west of the Urals, and the Asian part is to the east of the Urals.

Considering the huge scales and several climatic zones, it can be noted that the climatic range varies from cold continental to polar.

Russia can offer visitors a huge number of artistic and natural attractions scattered throughout its vast territory. You can consider several of the most valuable monuments of culture and history, concentrated in its largest cities.

The Hermitage, disposed in St. Petersburg, is among the largest and most important museums in the world. Stretching between the Neva and the Palace Square, the museum contains more than 3 million artifacts, of which only 70,000 works are provided in a permanent exposition. Here is represented the great cultural heritage of Europe and the East, from antiquity to the twentieth century

Initially, the Hermitage was part of the imperial palace and for two centuries was home to the family of the Romanovs. The creator of the museum was Catherine the Great, a passionate connoisseur of art, who, during her lifetime, collected most of the works presented in the museum. In subsequent periods, collections were replenished by other rulers.

After the revolution of 1917, the new government of the Russian Federation decided to sell many of the exhibits to the museums of New York, Amsterdam and Washington.

Enjoy your trip to Russia, learning more about the history of the largest country in the world!

Among the numerous sights of St. Petersburg should be noted Peter and Paul Fortress and the tomb of the Romanovs. The fortress was built in 1703, by order of Peter the Great, and rises on a marshy island between the Neva and Kronverk. Initially, the structure was built of wood with six bastions and served as an outpost during the Northern War until 1721. Then from 1721 to 1924 it became a political prison, after which it was turned into a museum.

Among the natural wonders of Russia can be noted the Lake Baikal, placed in the southern part of Siberia, at a level of 450 m above sea level. It covers 31,722 square kilometers and extends for 636 km from north to south, having an average width of 48 km.

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