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Serbia – a country of famous music festivals in the world

Wanting to discover the world, to meet people who are different from us with their culture and traditions, we selects the correct and perfect way – travel. At this time, choosing a trip to Serbia, of course, you may find that this is an interesting place to explore it as due to its natural beauty and historical monuments, also because of the rich culture and folklore, which can be enjoyed by visiting numerous national festivals. Let’s see what kind of places best describe this beautiful European nation.
Travel to Serbia will be a truly unique experience, if you will rent a car from a company of Naniko and visit the large and small towns, moving around in complete comfort. Among the main places to visit, of course, is the capital of Belgrade, offering plenty of fun in the clubs with live music, but it also provides an overview on its unique architectural and artistic appearance, numerous monuments such as the ancient Kalemegdan fortress, museums and art galleries. The town is crossed by the river, which at night reflects the city lights and colorful reflections create the beautiful scenery. It often hosts cultural events, music festivals, and a variety of ethnic restaurants makes this place one of the most interesting European capitals.

Enjoy plenty of splendor of the country, from the center to the periphery, traveling to Serbia for fun!

The university town of Novi Sad is disposed on the Danube River and is very rich in various architectural styles. Petrovaradin Fortress is the place, which often hosts major music festivals in Europe during the summer. Lovers of the folklore and traditional Balkan music can enjoy typical dancing and singing at the festival in Guca in central Serbia, which attracts visitors from around the world.
In Serbia, there are great places in the countryside, which are the ideal places for a relaxing holiday in contact with nature. Here you can observe the traditional activities specific to rural life, to participate in sports, to practice horse riding, swimming or skiing, depending on the season. In such places it is possible to estimate the typical culinary field, that kindly offered by locals.

On the territory of Serbia, there are interesting national parks, among which is the Djerdap, situated along the Danube, where you can plan a hike with a guide, but also very interesting are Tara, Kopaonik and Sar Planina, rich in forests.
With enough time, you can make various trips around the country and along the banks of the majestic Danube, along the paths of the mountain ranges, explore caves, canyons and numerous nature reserves. In short, it is a paradise for nature lovers.

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