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Slovakia – the country of natural wealth, worthy to be discovered

To enlarge own horizons and learn about different cultures and traditions of people inhabiting our planet, most prefer the perfect way of travel  on organized tours or at private manner on a rented car. The world is full of beautiful places, among which Slovakia is exactly the country, visiting of which you will get a lot of fun. Slovakia is mostly mountainous country, where the hills and mountains gradually pass into the valley of the Danube, which flows along its southern borders. Since there is a temperate continental climate, then a trip to Slovakia is good in all seasons.

In the country the official language is Slovak, but the vast majority of the population also speaks good English and German.

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The capital Bratislava is situated on the Danube and is a key hub of the country and its pulsating center. As a river port, there are also the most important ways and railway junctions. The city offers spectacular architecture and a variety of historical monuments, among which are the Gothic church of the fourteenth century, the castle of the king of Hungary, and more.

Here can be observed an interesting mixture of ancient and modern, also you can see preserved the gloss of the city that was the capital of the Hungarian kingdom. In the fall season, every two years in Bratislava held an important event dedicated especially to children and adolescents, and the music festival of classical music and opera, which is almost synonymous with undisputed elegance and refinement of this city.
Making a visit to Bratislava, certainly need to visit the castle, which is the most famous building in the city. Throughout its history, the castle has been restored several times and rebuilt.

Initially the castle belonged to the ninth century, and then in the next century was converted into a royal residence.
Very exciting is the trip by boat on the Danube river, which gives a perfect overview of the magnificent city, this gem hidden in the Carpathians.
Another, no less attractive is the city of Banská Štiavnica, which is disposed in the central part of Slovakia, and which got its fame thanks to the silver mines. This ancient and medieval center, which was silver mining center during the Renaissance, then gradually developed into an elegant town with a rich squares, castles, and here is preserved a magnificent church of the sixteenth century.


These and many more beautiful places can be visited in Slovakia, to see that the country is exactly the perfect place where you can find a variety of opportunities for recreation including its pristine landscape.

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