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Sweden – a country of highly developed technology and the incomparable northern landscapes

Sweden is among the few European countries that can offer such a great variety of landscapes and a wealth of traditions. There are endless expanses of Lapland, covered with sparkling white snow in the north, which are luminous in winter by extraordinary phenomenon of the Northern Lights or by the midnight sun in summer. But at the same time it is the land of the Saami, where the tundra inhabited by herds of sheep, where you can still see small wooden homes painted in white and red colors, and in the forests of Norrland meet elk, or watch the natural habitats of birds on the large lakes, surrounded by fertile lands. The passion of Swedes for nature conservation is really admirable. It is also a country where most people are passionate about outdoor activities in sports, a country of democracy and equality, that is not a trivial matter. Sweden is the most developed country among the Nordic countries on technological innovation, and the percentage of the spread of computers and the Internet is the highest in the world after Finland.
The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a fascinating and highly cultural city, where there are about a hundred museums, where the historic buildings and architectural compositions are of great value. Walking through the city center, you can admire beautiful buildings such as City Hall, the Royal Palace or see the monumental warship Vasa in the Vasa Museum, the magnificent masterpieces of modern art at the Museum of Modern Art.

The city was founded more than 700 years ago on 14 small islands that stretch across the Baltic Sea. To appreciate the beauty of this city, you can make a short trip by boat or rent a car. You can even take a dip in the summer in the heart of the city, because the water temperature is about 20 ° C.

Another interesting tour you can be taken in Stockholm, that can be interesting for literature lovers, and track important places of novels, which are described in the trilogy of Stieg Larsson. Gun Museum, ranking in the World Heritage List, was built in 1600 above the crater that opened the entrance to a huge cave.

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Meanwhile, Malmo is a cosmopolitan city, which is located just 20 minutes drive from Copenhagen and is obtainable through the Øresund Bridge, which was inaugurated in 2000. A characteristic feature of this city is that it is called the city of 100 languages, because there coexist different ethnic groups.

The second largest city Gothenburg is a major industrial port, but also a modern cultural and sports center. It is also a favorite place for gourmets who want to taste typical local dishes based on fish of the Atlantic Ocean.

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