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Travel to Venezuela, from Los Roques to Santo Angel

Placed in the northern tip of South America, the Republic of Venezuela is a true treasure trove of natural diversity and a paradise for tourism. A trip to this corner of the Earth is really worth it!
The territory occupied by Venezuela is about three times larger than the surface, for example, of Italy, but in spite of this, the populace reaches only about 25 million people. Due to the nature of the natural areas, the population density is very different from European countries, many parts of the country are simply uninhabited, devoid of roads and undisputed are the realm of tropical forests. The components of the Venezuelan landscape are undoubtedly the Andes, the Caribbean and the Orinoco River, flowing between the sultry plains in the north and the stunning Great Savannah in the south.
Speaking of Venezuela, undoubtedly, first of all, the landscapes associated with the sea, in particular, the Caribbean Sea, where the most popular world resorts are located, are emerging. After all, we are talking about the archipelago of Los Roques, which is among the brightest on the planet, which is a group of islands formed around coral atolls and a total of about 350. Crystal clear waters, in which colorful fish float, are capable of awe anyone. Located in a distance of 150 km from the coast of Venezuela, the islands can be reached by air in just 30 minutes flight from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
If your choice for your trip Los Roques, then know that the archipelago will forever take a special place in the archive of your nostalgic memories. Also a great place to relax is Snorkel, located in the Morrocoy National Park, near the city of Tucacas. From here, accompanied by a local guide, you can make a boat trip to the barrier islands, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Kaya Sombrero, one of the most beautiful atolls.

Enjoy the magnificence of beautiful places, wonderful beaches combined with attractive mountain scenery in Venezuela!

It should be noted that Venezuela can also offer spectacular mountain landscapes, two of which are worth noting especially: Bolivar Peak in the Andes, almost 5000 meters high and the mysterious and wonderful Great Savannah, which among its valleys contains the highest waterfall on the planet, Angel. The long mountain range of the Andes, stretching for almost 8,000 km, is particularly rich in volcanoes in Venezuela. Bolivar Peak, named after the revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar, the peaks of which are covered with eternal snow, contrasts sharply with the rest of the landscapes of the country, which predominantly has a tropical equatorial climate.
Meanwhile, gran Savana is disposed in the south-eastern part of Venezuela and it is characterized by mountains called Tepui, with flat peaks and rich vegetation.
The highest point of Tepui is 2.8700 m.

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