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Hong Kong is an ambitious goal for a fascinating journey

Hong Kong being a special administrative region of China, is disposed on its southern coast, between the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. This city, occupying an area of 1104 km2 and with a populace of 7 million people, is ranked among the most densely inhabited regions in the world. Ethnic Chinese make 95% of dwellers of Hong Kong, and 5% are other groups and nationalities.

After First Opium War of 1839-1842, Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire. Initially, the frontiers of the possessions were limited only to the isle of Hong Kong, but with the aim of expanding the colony, in 1860 the Kowloon Peninsula was also included here. For a short time, the region was occupied by Japan during the Pacific War in 1898, and then again returned to British control, until the moment when in 1997 China took control of the territory.

This eventful history had a significant role in the development of the culture of Hong Kong, which is often described as the “Meeting point of the East and the West.”


Today, Hong Kong is amongst the most important financial centers of the world, being a region with low taxation and free trade.

The problem of lack of space and the rapid growth in the number of residents and infrastructure, have formed a very specific style with a strong density of buildings, which turns Hong Kong into a so-called vertical city. This population density also contributed to the development of an improved public transport system and more than 90% of city residents use public transport, which is the highest percentage in the world.


Learn the many secrets of the East and the tempting delights of the amazing metropolis when traveling to Hong Kong!


Among the many attractions you can note especially the one that stands out most and can be seen every evening, as soon as twilight descends on the city and high-rise buildings located near the harbor are highlighted with special color lasers, creating a magnificent fireworks display.

To study Chinese culture, it is worth visiting the Hong Kong Museum of Art, also other interesting museums, including the Space Museum, the Museum of History and Archeology.


Nature lovers should pay special attention to visiting of the Ocean Park, which is among the largest theme parks in Asia. Here you can see such species, which are endangered, like a giant panda. Hong Kong Park, which is an oasis of greenery, is placed in the heart of the city.

Still a lot of very interesting sights can be visited in this beautiful city, which according to popular opinion is a megacity that never sleeps. In a word, with all the architectural and socio-cultural features, Hong Kong can be called as the most beautiful city in all of Asia.


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