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India is a land of miracles, thousands of colors and amazing people

India, disposed in South Asia, washed by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, which has land borders with several countries, with a populace exceeding 1.2 billion people, is a country of unspeakable beauty called the “land of flowers”, which is certainly worth a visit at least once in life. There are many reasons for this, including ancient culture and history, religiosity and spirituality, as well as morphological complexity, given that the country is covered with huge jungles and arid deserts, high mountains and vast plateaus.
India is a charming country, rich in traditions and culture. According to an ancient Indian legend, every person in the world who has seven previous lives has been born in India even once.
India is presented to visitors in all its diversity and splendor of outstanding places, and in order to reach the most interesting places as much as possible, it is worthwhile to make an effective visit route, which will follow the historical places within the visit of the large Indian cities, archaeological sites and other monuments of India.
It is worth not losing sight of the precious Indian crafts, ancient spiritual traditions and practices of the welfare of yoga and ayurveda, to learn the deep vitality of the people, able to reconcile spirituality, tradition and technological perfection with such amazing ease.

New Delhi is the capital of India, which carries a huge charm. With the largest population in the whole country, the city is full of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage.
It is worth dividing the Old City and New Delhi, which was built by the British in 1920, in order to give the capital the role of a political and administrative center. For a long time there have been a variety of architectural levels, clearly delineating the boundaries of the two cities, but the Indian capital was able to merge into one and become a holistic city from any point of view.
The capital offers visitors a lot of parks and manicured gardens, numerous monuments of the old city, including the Red Fort, the Mughal epochs, mosques, the National Museum, traces rich Indian historical epochs and various art styles, as well as the Gandhi Memorial Museum and many others.

It is known that in India there are 32 objects included in the World Heritage List.
The Taj Mahal is a symbol of India and is a subject of admiration all over the world. Among the architectural and natural wonders of the country are the Shimla mountain railway, the Nilgiri hills, the Western Ghata mountain range, the Ajanta and Ellora caves in the state of Maharashtra, the mangrove forests of Bangal and numerous parks and nature reserves are worthy of note.

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