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Indonesia – a trip to the archipelago, between the two oceans

To describe Indonesia it is not enough to just present some figures and general data, although they can create an initial idea about the country in which you are planning your trip. So, Indonesia consists of 17000 islands, the population of the country is 240 million inhabitants, there are 350 spoken languages and 150 active volcanoes. By population, the country is on the fourth place in the world. In fact, Indonesia is a colorful kaleidoscope of ecosystems, cultures and traditions, and its territory, stretching more than 5,000 kilometers along the equator, provides an opportunity to explore wild, largely unexplored places, or to move into Bali’s fascinating cosmopolitan atmosphere. Indonesia is very different from most other countries, because there have been numerous problems, political instability and natural disasters, but the country is strongly focused on the future, in the prosperity of which an important role is played by tourism.

A relatively young state, Indonesia gained its independence less than a century ago, although there is documentary evidence that since the fifth century there have been a number of permanent commercial settlements on the islands. For a long period, there were various influences, from Islamic to Hinduism, and in 1501 the first Portuguese settlers landed here. With their help began to mature ideas of independence, which in 1928 led to the proclamation of the birth of Indonesian national identity.

Visit the magnificent natural areas, islands and megacities of the country when traveling to Indonesia!

Indonesia’s pulsating artery can be called Java, which is one of the largest cities in the country, which provides visitors with natural beauty and an exciting variety of cultures. To avoid noise and chaotic movement, it is recommended to move more in small, but always beautiful streets.
Going beyond the city centers, you can enjoy the views of the expanding rice fields, small villages with clay houses, streams and hills that are covered with tropical forests. On this island there are more than 40 volcanoes that are located along the ridge.

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, a huge metropolis with a populace of 9 million people. Although at first glance it seems that the city is shrouded in a veil of polluted atmosphere, grayness and traffic, but under all this unattractive everyday shell are hidden the most important historical places and attractions, more focused in Kota. Great attractions are such places as Taman Fatahill Square, Kali Besar Canal, Toki Mera House and Chicken Market Bridge.
Going beyond Jakarta you can feel a more relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the pristine beauty of Indonesia.

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