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Mongolia – a country of nomadic people and amazing landscapes

Passion for travel is inherent for many and each characterizes in different ways. Among the various places to visit in the world, Mongolia can be called a mysterious place with a rich history, which is worth discovering in all its glory. Mongolia is disposed in Central Asia, betwixt China and Russia, and is the second largest country in the world. With a large territory, Mongolia, however, has a fairly low population density. The predominant part of the populace is concentrated in the capital of Ulan Bator and its suburbs, while the rest of the nation have a nomadic way of life.

Without access to the sea, the country is characterized by a continental climate, with long severe winters and hot summers, with a large amount of annual precipitation. This country is very rich in terms of cultural and landscape aspect.
In terms of natural resources, Mongolia offers spectacular landscapes, including the great Gobi Desert, which is mostly rocky, containing many fossils and skeletons of large reptiles.


This nation is renown for its long and interesting history. In fact, the Mongol empire was created by Genghis Khan in 1206, when he unified the scattered Mongol tribes, and to this day one can see here the remains of this ancient civilization.
The capital of the country, Ulan Bator, is not distinguished by special glamour, but its visit is a mandatory point of the trip. The city is crossed by a network of wide avenues and is full of Soviet-style buildings.


Incredible and stunning natural sceneries can be seen on the plains of Darghang and Delgerkhan, which cover the center of the country, also the volcano Khorgo, to date inactive, in the interior of which is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Mongolia, TerhiinTsagaan. In the vicinity of the lake you can do different kinds of sports, hikes and excursions of any kind.
Discover the secrets and traditions of the nomadic people when traveling to Mongolia!

In terms of archaeological and artistic attractions among the interesting places can be distinguished ruins of Karakhorum, which in the thirteenth century was the capital. Here you can visit the temple complex, or the first Buddhist monastery of Erdene Him, which survived the destruction of the Soviet period. Also very exciting spectacle are the huge Granite Turtles, that served as a protection of the city and are a symbol of eternity.

The so-called Monastery of Happiness or Gandan Monastery is the largest one in Mongolia and was founded in 1835. Subsequently closed, it was reopened in 1944. In contrast to the chaotic bustle of city life, here you can find peace and quiet. Its name Gandantegcinlen khidd in translation means a monastery of perfect happiness.

To really enjoy the beauty of Mongolia, a great idea will be to make a trip on horseback, as it is inherent to this nomadic people!

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