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Journey to the discovery of Nepal

Nepal has always been a mysterious place, attracting tourists and travelers, also scientists and people in search of spirituality. Surrounded by India and China, from which it is separated by the majestic Himalayas mountain system, Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha and the land that inspires peace and spirituality.
Here you will find stunning landscapes, ancient temples, history and traditions. Although economically Nepal is a poor country, but in terms of attractions there are innumerable riches.

The peculiarity that first of all rises in the eyes when visiting this country is its morphological conformation, since it extends at an altitude of 80 to 8,848 meters between the Ganges and Himalayas plain, and due to this feature, Nepal is the country with the biggest difference in altitude in the world. Despite its small territorial size, Nepal is characterized by a great variety of climatic conditions, as well as the landscape. To date approximately 23 million people of the most diverse ethnic groups, various linguistic and religious minorities, live in Nepal.


You can start your journey with Kathmandu, from a strange city, suggestive, which fascinates at first sight and at the same time confuses. The best way to get to know the city will be lost among its streets and intersections in the center, where strolling among the sellers of fruits and vegetables, fabrics or a special drink sikarni made from yoghurt, walnuts or pistachios and cinnamon, to discover the amazing places and customs of the people.
Almost one million inhabitants live in the capital, and it is disposed in the central-southern part of the country. The city center fascinates with the historical heritage of the centuries, which creates an amazing contrast with modern country houses, huge spacious hotels, luxury shops and restaurants.
The heart of the city is Durbar, which lies between the river Vishnumati and Ratna Park. On the square towering impressive Hindu temples dating back to the era of Malla, and the most famous sacred architecture of the city is the huge temple of Pashupatinath, built on the shore of the sacred river Bagmati.

Other attractions include Swayambhunat, also known as the Monkey Temple, towering on a hill. Do not lose sight of the Royal Palace, located in the green zone, encircled by high walls.

Discover an amazing world hidden in a country called the “roof of the world” when traveling to Nepal!

Another interesting city placed in the Kathmandu Valley is Patan, also known as Lalitpur, with a populace of approximately 200,000 inhabitants. The central square of Patan is also dotted with temples, and it should be noted that the concentration of religious buildings here per square meter is even much higher than in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. The main monument is the Golden Temple, also known as Bakhal or Suwarna Mahavihara.

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