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North Korea – a trip to the most isolated country in the world

It should be said that traveling to North Korea is not available to everyone, since this country is practically inaccessible in many aspects. But, if such an opportunity has fallen and you meet the specific conditions for visiting this country, then it should not be lost.
A trip to the North Korean People’s Republic can show you the truth, what the life of the most isolated nation in the world really is. And first of all you need to know that you will not be able to travel in full autonomy, and whether it’s an organized trip or an individual one, if you miraculously manage to get permission for it, you will always be accompanied by two official guides from the government. Also, it should be noted that such a trip is associated with significant costs, while food and accommodation must be paid in advance before arrival.


The accompanying you persons not only have the function of giving you information about the beauties and sights of the country, but more play the role of controlling the routes, because you cannot freely wander anywhere you want and communicate with the local population. If the atmosphere of the Cold War, which reigns here, is not at all what you expect from a trip, it is better to immediately choose another destination for you. But if your curiosity and desire personally to see the situation prevailing here is stronger than you, then we can safely say that North Korea will be able to impress you so much that it will exceed all expectations.

Political, and physical division of North and South Korea is rooted in a much more past than the date, which marked the separation of the two countries, i.e. 1945. The period of the Japanese occupation (1910-1945) was amongst of the most difficult ones throughout history, and this was dominated by the sense of embitterment of the northerners against the southerners, who were blamed for selling off national sovereignty. Among the architects of the victory of resistance was Kim Il Sung. As a result of democratic elections in August 1948, the South proclaimed the Republic of Korea, and for several weeks later the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea was proclaimed.

Take an incredible trip and discover a contrasting life in an atmosphere of isolation when traveling to North Korea!

No matter how you plan your route, the journey will inevitably begin in the capital of Pyongyang, where your guide will present you monuments, statues and buildings that are a tribute to the honors of Kim Il Sung. The first mandatory stop will be at the huge bronze statue of the Great Leader, where flowers must be laid.
The architectural style of the capital demonstrates strength, and the main points of tourist interest are concentrated in the center and somehow relate to the Kim family and the success of the regime.
Other cities in the country available for a visit are always determined with the permission of the government. Among them ate the number of interesting places.

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