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Pakistan – a trip to the finding of the great Islamic Republic

In order to qualitatively organize a trip to Pakistan, you will need time, because this Asian country is quite large and has many interesting places worth visiting. In addition, the populace of the country is extremely large, numbering more than two hundred million people, which ranks Pakistan in sixth place in the world.

Despite the fact that the recent history of Pakistan is no more than 60 years as an independent entity, because before that the country was an integral part of India, the history of this area goes back to antiquity and it is known that the region was inhabited 5000 years ago by the Indus civilization. It was a complex society, settled on the banks of the Indus River. The civilization of the Indus inexplicably disappeared and this territory became the prey of foreign invaders, including Alexander the Great. For nearly two thousand years the empires of Asia alternated in power, until the fifteenth centenary, when the Moguls conquered the region and by creating a feudal society, the region began to evolve, although there were strong religious conflicts betwixt Muslims and Hindus. The beginning of the 18th century was marked by the appearance of the first English merchants, who quickly settled here both economically and politically. The middle of the 19th century was marked by the first riots against British colonialism, which led to the separation of the region of Pakistan and its independence.


The classic route when visiting Pakistan is the Great Trunk Road, following which you will be able to explore the country in a cultural aspect, starting with its ancient capital, Lahore. When visiting the Old Town you can see the interesting architecture of the Mughals, including Lahore Fort, a fortress that was repeatedly destroyed for centuries. Built in the seventeenth century, the amazing Badhshashi mosque is known for its four high minarets of red sandstone and is among the largest ones in the world.

Moving along the highway and crossing the mountain range of the Salt Ridge, you can reach the modern capital of Islamabad, where there are not so many opportunities for travelers, with the exception of the majestic Shah Faisal mosque, and the monument of Pakistan Rawalpindi.


Continue your trip and discover unusual archaeological excavations when traveling to Pakistan!


Peshawar is an old city that is famous for the labyrinth of its narrow streets filled with the noise of everyday life, shops and bazaars that make this place unique. It should be noted Mahabat Khan mosque, undoubtedly the most beautiful one in the city.

Leaving Peshawar, the road leads to the Khyber Pass, which encompasses a sense of time travel, as it is a historically important crossroads between Central Asia and the Indo-Pakistani region. On this way, entire nations, armies, conquerors and traders passed through the pass crossing the Suleiman mountain range.

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