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Operational leasing – Naniko

Terms of operational and financial leasing:

  • Contract duration: from one up to four years;
  • The first down payment amounts from 25% to 44% of the leased object value, according to the request of the lessee;
  • amortization for the leasing period is 56% – for the operational leasing and up to 75% on financial leasing;
  • leasing fees payment scheme: monthly, in accordance with the lessee availability;
  • Does not require additional collateral providing
  • documents proceedings and the final decision takes 4-5 hours;
  • the financing time includes 5 days.

Cooperate with us and get the following benefits:
1. Complete car maintenance package: the package is adjusted according to customer preferences;

2. During the repair and car technical service – the right to priority maintenance and discount on spare. parts up to 20%;

3. Informational support in 7/7 and 24/24 mode;

4. Vehicle delivery to / from the service station by the lessor.

Operational leasing means available for you auto- leasing conditions


  • Vehicle’s wide choice from different producers.
  • The ability of sustainable financial planning due to the fixed payment schedule
  • Any expenses are fixed in the contract.
  • Planning of fleet maintenance costs.
  • 24-hour emergency operator.
  • A full range of services for fleet (insurance, technical inspection, parking).
  • The ability of continuously operate the new and technically serviceable vehicle.
  • На срок лизинга автомобиль находится на балансе лизингодателяDuring the leasing terms car is on the lessor’s balance.
  • По окончании срока лизинга автомобиль может перейти как в вашу собственность , так и остаться у лизингодателя. After the leasing period expiration you can purchase the car or it remains the lessor’s property
  • flexible monthly payments schedule
  • Our specialist at any time will provide advice in any issues:

  • Optimal conditions of insurance: our company collaborates with leading reliable insurance companies, which allows us to offer our customers the special conditions of leased assets insurance.