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Philippines – a journey among rice fields and chocolate hills

Choosing a place for the next trip, we can always find information about the general data of a country. But what attracts us to a certain destination is not territorial data, expressed in numbers, but specific entertaining facts, original and unique phenomena or features inherent and characteristic for this place.
So let’s see what could be the reason for choosing an exciting trip for the Philippines.

Among the most important reasons, it can be noted that the local population speaks English, which simplifies the issue of communication. Although the main language of the country is Tagalog, in most schools subjects are taught in English.
Filipinos are very friendly people. It is important to know that this is an absolutely safe place to travel for any person. You can freely rent a scooter, bicycle or use various public transport for your movement.

One of the advantages of traveling to this country is the economic factor, since no matter at what level you want to rest, prices are everywhere surprisingly low. Your daily budget can be about 20 euro, including food, drinks and even a few beers! It is recommended to avoid European restaurants, where prices are much higher, but better to enjoy the local fairly tasty Filipino cuisine.
The country, which consists of 7000 islands, although not all are suitable for living, one can imagine what expanse of beaches can provide. If you are in the Luzon region, where the capital of Manila is located, you can get a great opportunity to visit a variety of beaches from north to south. Here you can go surfing, scuba diving, visit deserted islands and much more. Moving towards the central area of ​​Visaya, you can find white beaches and cozy bars right on the beach, which will allow you to completely relax.

Visit the original places and natural landscapes when traveling in the Philippines!

The Philippines has a 100% volcanic structure with active volcanoes. In the Luzon region, there are the largest number of volcanoes, among which Taal, Mayon and Pinatubo are worth mentioning, and between the regions of Mindanao and Visayas there are such important volcanoes as Apo and Kanlaon. Being in Manila, you can make a day trip to the top of the volcano and see the most beautiful lake, located in the center of the crater.

Although the rice terraces of the Philippines are not ranked among the wonders of the world, we can safely assume that they would be ideal candidates for this. This stunning landscape can make you forget everything.
In order to see firsthand the chocolate hills, visit the island of Bohol in the Visaya region, where limestone sandstone hills, covered with dried herbs under the hot sun, create that chocolate-like color, that is why they are called Chocolate Hills.

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