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Sri Lanka (Ceylon) – travel to the island – the pearl of the East

Even in ancient Greek, Egyptian and Indian literature, Sri Lanka was mentioned under such names as Taprobane, Serendib and Lanka. From the moment your arrival on the island you can feel the aura of mystery surrounding it. Surrounded by thick warm air, the island meets you with its lush vegetation, winding Sinhalese alphabet, which is everywhere, colorful prayer flags and a kaleidoscope of colors, fruits, jewelry and spices displayed on the shelves of markets.

Despite its small dimensions, Sri Lanka is able to offer a huge selection of truly extraordinary attractions, including palm-fringed beaches, a spectacle of elephant rides, fabulous temples to visit in the days of Poya and much more.

The first inhabitants of Sri Lanka were Vedda, aborigines, having origins from the Munda people. The introduction of Buddhist religion took place in the middle of the third century BC, simultaneously with the development of the first cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The first Europeans who set foot on the island in the sixteenth century were the Portuguese, and the following centuries the Dutch became the colonialists, and then the United Kingdom, which retained its control there until 1948, until Ceylon was declared independent.

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo, the population of which exceeds two million people; The city is disposed on the south-west coast of the island and is the largest and most populous center of the country where you can see representatives of different cultures and religions, enjoy the charming old city and modern buildings side by side with ancient temples. Colombo is in fact the ideal place to spend a few days here visiting Pettah, strolling among the street stalls, reaching the quiet atmosphere of the Viharamahadevi park, exploring the labyrinth of narrow streets and walking toward Galle Face Mountain at sunset while admiring the Gangaramaya Temple.

Take a fascinating journey to Sri Lanka and immerse yourself in exploring the island’s interesting culture and traditions!

After completing the tour of the capital, you can go north and visit the old seaside town of Negombo, actively visited by travelers, and while continuing north, you can reach a sparsely populated area where coconut plantations and fishing villages predominate.
It is very interesting to visit the ancient city of Puttalam and its markets, and then the magnificent park, inhabited by elephants and leopards, which suffered during the long war, and now regain a normal life.
South of Colombo, you can reach a beautiful coast with stony or sandy beaches, where both modest hostels and more expensive resorts are located.

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