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Taiwan – travel among its islands

Known with an official name like the Republic of China, Taiwan is a democratic state, which includes several islands, the largest amongst which is the isle of Taiwan. The populace is about 23 million people, approximately 2,6 million of which live in the capital of Taipei. Washed by the Pacific Ocean from the east, the territory of the Republic is crossed by the mount ridge of Taiwan Shan. The highest peak, reaching almost 4000 meters is Yushan.

Named as the island of Formosa by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, which has been a haven of Chinese and Japanese pirates since seventh centenary, Taiwan was also a Dutch trading post until 1624 and became a Chinese colony since 1644. After long political turmoil, social and cultural stagnation and persecution, the country managed to declare itself independent.


The metropolis of Taiwan is Taipei, with 2.6 million inhabitants, which is disposed in the north of the isle of Taiwan. It is the center of the national government, and here is focuses of the country’s economic, cultural and social life, where the largest international companies are based. Taipei is a place where you can admire a peculiar mixture of traditions and modernity, where there is a symbiosis of rich local culture and Western progress. This situation contributes to the process of enriching the architectural landscape, where ancient Chinese buildings create a contrast with beautiful colonial edifices or modern skyscrapers. Among the popular city attractions is Taipei 101, which until 2007 was the tallest building in the world, also the majestic temples of Lungshan – the oldest Taoist worship site in Taipei, and the Confucius temple, where the celebration of the great philosopher’s birthday is annually held.

A magnificent place to visit is the National Palace Museum in Taipei, where you can get acquainted with the history of ancient China, from the Neolithic and up to the Qing dynasty, as well as see valuable artifacts and works of Chinese art. A fantastic example of Taiwanese architecture is the Temple of Long Shan.


Visit amazing places that demonstrate the depth and originality of the ancient culture when traveling to Taiwan!


Outside the capital is also worth visiting Hsinchu, which is the largest of the centers with a highly developed industry and modern technology.

In Kaohsiung, you can visit the interesting Buddha Memorial Center, while on the outskirts of the city you can enjoy a pleasant relaxing stroll to Lian Lake. Near the lake you can visit some modern and oldest temples.

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