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Thailand – travel around the island, among beaches and historical places

All that you can expect from a great trip, whether it is sea vacation, studying history, culture or traditions, you can get during your stay in Thailand at one hundred percent. In all likelihood, the trip here cannot leave anyone indifferent. To date, Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, although many tourists concentrate on certain regions, losing sight of other interesting places.

Until 1939, the state was called Siam and this name is still used by the Chinese minority, while the current name is of Thai origin, which means “free.”
The first settlers of Thailand were the Thai, migrating from southern China and settled on the fertile land of mainland Southeast Asia in the first centuries of our era, or maybe even earlier. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the modern history of the country is characterized by political instability.

The capital of Bangkok, with nearly 8 million inhabitants, is undergoing a phase of profound changes, from the expansion of the public transport network to the opening of international restaurants and the construction of modern shopping centers, becoming a true metropolis of the twenty-first century, which does not already have much in common with the city of the past. As it was 200 years ago, the Royal Palace and Wat Phra Keo especially attract the attention of tourists, and in Banglamphu anyone can enjoy the authentic flavors of local cuisine. If you use the route of Chao Phraya Express, you can enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Thai capital and you will be able to discover the best monuments of the city.

Less than a hundred kilometers from the capital, you can reach the picturesque villages of Ampava, Samut Songkhram, built on the canal. Moving further into the central part, you can reach the places where once the kings ruled, the empires dominated, and today the vast virgin forests inhabited by elephants, tigers and leopards. Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam is placed north of Bangkok and is listed as a World Heritage Site. In Lopburi you can see a large colony of monkeys, and in the province of Kanchanaburi, you can enjoy magnificent scenery in the Erawan National Park or in the Thong Phum National Park.


Those who wish to experience strong emotions, go to Pattaya, the most popular place of Thai sex tourism. And north of Pattaya is the island of Ko Si Chang, which is an ideal place to relax, to discover little visited temples, and also to enjoy the splendor of the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches of Koh Samet. In numerous national parks in Thailand, tourists are given the opportunity to practice a variety of outdoor activities, from rafting to mountain biking.


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