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Alabama – the American state, its cities and interesting places

Visiting the United States, in search of sensational places that can offer breathtaking views, Alabama is certainly deserves be visited. Although the whole country is rich in characteristic and unique places, from the magnificent snow landscapes of Alaska and to the huge megacities like New York, not losing sight of the rocky deserts of Utah, Texas and Arizona and much more, among all this splendor, Alabama is definitely not on last place. This state bordering with Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia, with its capital in Montgomery, occupies an area of ​​impressive proportions, approximately 135,000 square kilometers.

Of course, many will prefer to start with the journey from the capital of Montgomery, from a city that can offer a lot of interesting things, among which the Capitol, the legislative structure of the whole state, should be the first to be noted. On Dexter Avenue, you can visit the Baptist church, which is a Victorian building, also a church where in his younger years Martin Luther King served as a pastor. In search of entertainment, you should not overlook the Montgomery Zoo, which is considered the best zoo in the state. For art lovers, it will certainly be interesting to visit the Museum of Fine Arts.
In addition to the capital, other cities of Alabama are interesting, and the first to be noted is the largest city in the state, Birmingham, which is full of various sights. For example, in Sloss Fumances you can immerse yourself in the study of history in its pure form. Meanwhile, the McWane Science Center provides a museum of science and research, and at the Institute of Civil Rights of Birmingham, you can visit the museum and a large research center accessible to the public. In addition to various museums, the city is rich in parks, including the Railway Park, placed in the heart of the city, and sports lovers will be able to entertain at Barber Motorsports Park. Important points of visit are also art centers, which include the Alabama Theater and the Jazz Hall of Fame.

Feel all the versatility of American cities, starting an amazing trip to Alabama!

Another interesting destination for your trip to Alabama will be Huntsville, the center of Madison County.
Here in the Space & Rocket Center in exposition are the capsules of the famous mission Apollo. It is also home to the Marshall Space Flight Center, where the Moon’s conquest projects were developed. The city has superbly equipped with natural parks, including Spring Park, the Botanical Garden and the State Park of Monte Sano.

Among the most important cities in Alabama, you should note the city of Mobile, where the Center for Marine History is disposed, on the Mobile Bay. Here is also the Fort Conde, impressive and imposing fortress, a reconstructed copy of the French original. Among the natural attractions is to admire such as the delta of the river Mobile Tensaw and the Lake of Big Creek.

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