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Florida – a trip to the American state of eternal spring

Thinking of Florida, our imagination often refers to the widespread cliché, so to speak, the Hollywood heritage of numerous films that created a clear romantic image and it is quite obvious that those who come from Europe to Florida, especially in winter, are instantly struck by the exceptional atmosphere that takes you back to the end of spring, if not summer.
Of course, all this is due to the geographical location, since Florida is disposed at a latitude comparable to the Red Sea.
Florida is a peninsula washed from the west by the Gulf of Mexico, and from the east by the Atlantic Ocean. This state is a popular destination for tourists and those wishing to find a sea vacation because of its many kilometers of coastline. But it should also be noted that Florida is not only the land of palm trees and beaches, it is also attractive for its amusement parks, art and natural attractions. When traveling to Florida, it is important to consider a suitable period for visit, as July and August are too hot. It was this state that was named “Everglades”, in honor of the famous swamp, which is listed among the most popular tourist attractions.
The political capital of the state is Tallahaesse, although it is known that the most densely populated city and metropolitan center is considered Miami. Settled from the very beginning, from the end of 1400 by the Spaniards, it was home to many famous names, among which is Ernest Hemingway.

Plunge into the atmosphere of eternal summer and enjoy the magnificence of beaches and interesting places, traveling to Florida!

When you travel, you will certainly visit the most famous cities of Florida. In Tallahassee, you can visit the Museum of Florida History, where almost always there are interesting exhibitions. Nature lovers will not miss the chance to pay a visit to St. Marks National Wildlife, which is a nature reserve with many paths that you can follow. Here you can see even wild animals during walks, also alligators in enclosed lakes.

Meanwhile, Miami – the largest and most populous city in the state offers a lot of interesting things. You can go to Miami Deep Sea Fishing Carter and have a nice day out while riding a boat, enjoy fishing with qualified instructors. Undoubtedly deserves a visit to New World Symphony, the main theater in Miami, where you can enjoy the concerts and performances.
Considering the cities of Florida, one should not overlook Orlando, attracting tourists with its many attractions, among which in the first place is Walt Disney World Resort.
In Sea World you can watch exciting shows with dolphins, sharks and killer whales. Also in Orlando you can visit Nourba – Cirque Du Soleil.

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