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Alaska is the most northern and largest of the US states

Alaska is disposed in the northwestern extremity of the continent, having a border in the east with Canada and washed from the north by the Arctic Ocean, and from the south by the Pacific Ocean, is separated from Siberia by the Bering Strait. Occupying an area of ​​1,717,854 square kilometers, Alaska is the largest state of the federation. According to the latest data, the population of the state is approximately 736 thousand inhabitants, more than half of which live in the metropolitan region, in the center of the state of Anchorage. The economy of Alaska is dominated by oil, natural gas and fish industry. Tourism is no less important for the economy.

Traveling around the US, many choose traditional routes to major cities and famous places, but many probably do not know that Alaska is not only cold and ice, but a land of magnificent natural wonders capable of leaving the most notorious critics silent. Here, the majestic natural beauty is represented by huge glaciers and a rich animal world. Alaska can really be a great place to relax in the bosom of nature. The longest day falls on June 21 and is 19 hours of light in Anchorage and 22 hours in Fairbanks.

Feel all the charm and originality of northern landscapes when traveling to Alaska!

You can start visiting the state from its key point, the city of Anchorage, through which any Alaska road passes. Anchorage is famous for its urban center, full of shops, restaurants and bars. There is a museum of history and art, where works of both foreign and national masters are presented. Nature lovers will not miss the chance to visit the huge Earthquake Park, which is the most important of the city parks, where you can see the McKinley and Foraker Mountains, the highest one in Alaska. More adventurous tourists will be able to head south of Anchorage and visit Kenai, which is a conglomerate of fjords, mountains and glaciers that give incredible impressions.

Going to Sitka, you can admire the views that open to the Pacific Ocean. Here you can also visit the Sheldon Yakson Museum, which includes exhibitions of indigenous crafts, the National Historical Park Sitka, emphasizing the attractiveness of the city, surrounded by a huge forest, forest hiking trails and mountains.
The final point for the tour to Alaska is the Glacier Bay National Park, where you can admire everything the nature of this northern region can offer: from rivers to glaciers, from mountains to forests. With such excursions to national parks and reserves, you can see elks and caribous from a short distance, and after a ride on a boat you can observe even whales and guinea pigs.

Of course, much more interesting things await you at your exciting trip to Alaska. Sports fans will not miss the chance to complete with complex routes, including canoe trips, bike tours along numerous bike trails.

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