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Arizona – the state of majestic canyons and incomparable natural wonders

The flow of tourists to the United States is always endless, and there is a significant increase in visitors from all over the world to Arizona, attracting by its charm and greatness of natural landscapes. The choice of interesting places is so great that you should pay attention to making the right routes, so as not to lose sight of the wonderful spectacles offered in this state.
The first and most important thing that any visitor of Arizona seeks to see is the Grand Canyon, which is proudly stretches in the northern part of the state. It is a huge hollow, disposed in the mountains of Arizona, along the Colorado River. In fact, the formation of the Grand Canyon took place for approximately 6 million years, and is associated with the majestic combination of two natural phenomena: mountain climbing and rain erosion. The canyon in length is about 445 km, with an average width of 500 meters to 25 kilometers, and its depth can reach 1600 meters.
The Grand Canyon has for many decades been the subject of study for many professionals from all over the world. It is a kind of geological encyclopedia, according to which scientists are practically able to study various layers of erosion. In addition to the enormous scientific significance, the Grand Canyon is full of incomparable landscapes and charming grandeur, demonstrating the full force and irresistibility of nature. No verbal description can be compared with those emotions that capture you by real views.

Enjoy the irresistible grandeur of natural landscapes when you travel to Arizona!

No less impressive is the visit to the Monument Valley, placed in the northern part of the state, on the border with Utah. Here you will feel on the set of some famous American film, clearly hearing the voice of the director speaking into the bullhorn. Various directors have chosen Monument Valley as the background for the scenes of their films.
The Monument Valley is in the Red Desert, which has its color due to the presence of rich deposits of iron oxide in the earth. In Nevajo Nation, where the Indians live, you can see the real “skyscrapers” of stones. It is worth to stay here until sunset, when nature takes unique and amazing colors.

Following the routes of studying natural landscapes, it’s worth to make a stop in the majestic Antelope Canyon, which is noted among the most breathtaking wonders of Arizona. Antelope Canyon is near the city of Page.
Meanwhile, not far you can visit the fantastic Horseshoe Bend, a small meander of the Colorado River, which depicts a rocky island in the shape of a horse’s hoof. This landscape can be considered as a natural masterpiece of art because of its incomparable beauty.

Also, nature has not deprived of attention even southern Arizona, where you should definitely visit Saguaro National Park, near the city of Tucson, a park that is famous for its huge number of cacti of incredible shapes.

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