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Colorado – the amazing state in the heart of the Wild West

Only when you are in this state and you navigate along its roads can really understand the etymology of its name, which refers not only to the river of the same name, which originates in this region, but most of all, because of the incredible color tonalities of rocks that characterize most of this American state. In fact, that is what means “Colorado” in Spanish.

Fans of colorful landscapes and magnificent environments will enjoy the visit to Colorado, which is an ideal place for a trip filled with adventures in contact with the wild nature, plenty of opportunities for entertainment and spectacular places to explore.
From a geographical point of view, Colorado has western borders with Utah, and southern ones with New Mexico and Oklahoma. From the north, its neighbors are Nebraska and Wyoming, and from the east – Kansas. The capital of the state is Denver, which is a typical American-style city, where you can also find characteristic rocky landscapes. In particular, here you can see the giant Rocky Mountains, and more adventurous travelers will be able to go camping in the various valleys that are rich in this area. Throughout the state there are 4 national parks, which can be noted among the most beautiful ones in the United States. Be sure to see the Great Sand Dunes and the Black Gunnison Canyon.

Travel to Colorado and explore the magnificent sceneries and spectacular countryside!

Travelers who are interested in the prehistory can visit the famous Dinosaur National Monument, where it is possible to see the skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs, which in fact have been preserved in the rocks until our days. In addition, while in Denver, you should definitely visit the Denver Museum of Art, which presents interesting stories of the Wild West, where you can trace the history of Indian tribes. Also incredibly interesting is the Molly Brown House Museum – the home of Margaret Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic. In this very specific and original house, visitors will get the opportunity to travel through time and experience certain moments of a tragically dead of the liner.

In Denver for animal lovers there is an interesting zoo where you can see hippos, elephants and many other animals running freely in the open countryside.
Further, it will be interesting to visit the town of Durago, where everything is presented in a Victorian style.
Traveling in these places, you will feel yourself in the Old West, where you can visit the historical halls and ride a locomotive of time. The old locomotive crosses the valley of the canyon, offering along the way unique views of these fabulously beautiful places. Adventure lovers will be able to make long trips through the valley of the canyon and stroll in the National Park in San Juan.

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