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Delaware – a trip to the first American state

Delaware is a small state of U.S.A. which received the status of the first state, for the reason that ше was the first to ratify the Federal Constitution. The symbol of Delaware is a beautiful blue hen. This state is not particularly in demand from the point of view of tourism, but despite this, it has its own special charm. In fact, Delaware is attractive for business, since there is a very low tax, which contributes to the influx of many financial companies and banks that register their offices in this territory.

The beauty of Delaware in its tranquility, in the long white beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, also in typical English-style villages and cities, where you can see even the luxurious villas.
Delaware is washed from the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south it borders with Maryland, and on the west and north with New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
The presence of the ocean as a whole mitigates the climate throughout the state, but there are small differences between the northern and southern parts. The whole territory does not exceed the sea level and is characterized mainly by flat and hilly terrain, and also by dense forests.

For a long time, Delaware was the subject of controversy between the Dutch, the Swedes and the British, which affected the urban planning and living habit of the place. But, as already mentioned, the key step was the adoption in 1787 of the Federal Constitution. And since 1800 the state began its active development in industry, which was marked by the establishment of the powder factory, founded by Charles Dupont, that eventually stimulated the development of the chemical industry. Very favorable tax laws were a powerful economic impetus for the overall development of the state.
Delaware has a rich history, it’s beautiful beaches and numerous natural and artistic beauties can be an excellent occasion for its visit.

Learn some useful details and interesting stories of formation when traveling to Delaware!

The capital of the state is Dover, where you can see historic brick houses, visit interesting museums, telling stories and giving a lot of historical evidence. Visit the city can begin with the central square of The Green, where the buildings of the State Supreme Court and the court of Kent are rising. Not so far from here is the Old State House, the Parliament and the Palace of Justice.

Among the most important museums of the city is the Command Air Mobility Museum, which displays dozens of historic aircraft of American aviation, where you can see the flight simulator and control room. The Biggs Museum of American Art collects paintings and sculptures that tell the story of Delaware over the past two centuries.
The sea resort of Lewis offers modern hotels, and in the vicinity you can visit Henlopen State Park Cape with beautiful forests.

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