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Georgia – a trip to the state, disposed in the deep south of the United States

The US state of Georgia, also known as the Empire State of the South, with a populace of about 9.5 million inhabitants, borders on the states of Tennessee and North Carolina, with South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern borders. The state’s economy is almost entirely based on agriculture, focused on the production of cotton, maize and rice, and there is also a small share of the paper industry. Geographically, the territory of Georgia is mountainous in the northern region, where the southern spurs of the Appalachians are, hilly in the center and flat to the south, with a low coastline, and marshy in some areas.

Georgia was inhabited by the Indians of Cherokee and Creek until the first European expedition of 1540, led by the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto, from the moment of which for decades began a fierce political struggle. And only in 1732 Georgia was finally colonized by the British General James Oglethorpe, whose original intention was to make this place a refuge for persecuted by the religion and insolvent debtors.
Placed in the deep south of the country, Georgia had basically an agricultural economy based on cotton growing and slavery, and played a key role in fomenting of civil war, from which itself came out with serious damage to cities and rural areas.

Learn in detail the interesting history of the south, traveling to Georgia and discovering amazing cities and villages!

The capital of the state is Atlanta, with a population of 452,0000 inhabitants, a city that has become a symbol of the South, combining a glorious past and innovative ideas of the future. The city is also known throughout the world as the headquarters of Coca-Cola and the CNN channel. To date, Atlanta is a very modern city, a kind of southern metropolis of the United States. As the hosts of the city are skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, including the Westin Peachtree Plaza. Among the central points of the center, one should note the area around the modern Peach Center, also the Five Point, which is the intersection of the five major urban arteries. Interesting objects for tourists are Coca-Cola World Pavilion, CNN building, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Public Library, Martin Luther King Center for non-violent social changes and others.

By the population density the second city of the state is Augusta, disposed in the district of Richmond, with a populace of about 192,000 inhabitants. One of the famous places of the city is the Augusta National Golf Club, which is a prestigious golf club, where the most important tournament among the best golfers from all over the world takes place every year.
Also among the major cities of the state are Columbus and Savannah.

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