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Nebraska – travel to the state, where the West begins

Nebraska, with a population of almost two million people, is disposed in the central United States, including the Plains of the Great Plains, bordering from the south with North Dakota, Iowa and Missouri from the east, with Kansas and Colorado in the south and Wyoming on the west side. The state name comes from the term Cheever and in translation means “calm water”, referring to the Platt River, which crosses Nebraska, before joining Missouri.

Over the past century, most of the suburban areas of the state, previously arid and largely lost in the wild nature, survived the dizzying development of agriculture, facilitated by advanced techniques that transformed Nebraska in one of the most developed agricultural states of the United States.

The official history of Nebraska originates from May 30, 1854, the day of the adoption of the Kansas-Nebraska law, which marked the birth of these two states, making a clear definition of their boundaries.
At the source of history, the capital of the state was the city of Omaha, but later, in honor of President Lincoln, it was moved to the city with the same name.
Of course, when traveling to Nebraska, these two cities will certainly be included in the list of places to visit.
In Lincoln can visit many interesting places, among which the most important one is occupied by the State Capitol of Nebraska, very reminiscent with its architectural style of the building of the Capitol in Washington. The recommended place of visit is the National Roller Skating Museum, where you can see the largest collection of roller skates, as well as the State Museum of the University of Nebraska, which stores untouched fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
In Omaha, you should definitely visit the Great Plains Black Museum, dedicated to black citizens who made a huge contribution to the birth of this state. Do not miss the chance to visit the Old Market, where you can find the best restaurants, shops and clubs of the city.

Feel all the splendor of the American way of life in an interesting journey to Nebraska!

Among other mandatory places to visit are the places of the Rocky Mountains, namely, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, where fossils of animals existed millions of years ago. On the Great Ridge you can take walks in an oasis of tranquility and enjoy the charming and beautiful colors of the territory. It is possible to sum up what was said and in conclusion to say that this is a small but very interesting state, worthy of attention and visitation, where you can observe various historical reconstructions and endless expanses of plains and mountains with characteristic canyons. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the population of this state has fought and won many battles, against social discrimination, and today one can freely enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and equality in the streets of any of the cities in the state.

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