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Hawaii – a great paradise on earth

Well, who did not dream to visit the Hawaiian Islands once in a lifetime? And now, when the moment comes when all dreams come true and the exciting trip is already waiting for you, it is worthwhile to plan everything correctly beforehand so as not to lose sight of the most interesting places of this earthly paradise. The Hawaiian Islands archipelago is the most popular exotic destination in the United States, and even with the richest fantasy, it is difficult to imagine all the charm of the untouched nature of the islands, the sea glowed with sunset rays and the magic sound of the ukulele. In fact, these islands are unlikely to disappoint the expectations of anyone, but will only enrich your world with lively and rich emotions, providing an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and wild nature.

Primarily many people wish to do after landing in Honolulu is to visit Waikiki Beach. Here the holiday season lasts throughout the year. But you can get to the less crowded beaches of Waimanalo Beach Park. After that, to enjoy nature, it is absolutely recommended to visit the Foster Botanical Garden of Honolulu, which is the most important of the world’s botanical parks.

Enjoy the world of exoticism and the splendor of untouched nature in your journey to Hawaii!

If you go in the direction of Maui, you will be able to see the largest non-active volcano in the world, Haleakala. By car you can reach the crater, at an altitude of 3000 meters, from where you can see the breathtaking panorama.

On the west coast is Lahaina, the former capital of the Hawaiian Islands, where you can find many museums telling about the period when Lahaina was a major center for whaling. Meanwhile in the northern part you can visit Wailuku, with many small shops and museums based on Polynesian culture.

It is definitely worth visiting Kauai, which is a true paradise on earth and is famous for its beaches with very special sand. In addition there are magnificent mountains here, and this place is especially famous for its waterfalls.

Moving to the north, you can get to the main landmark of the island, to the coast of Napali, which is known for its rocks. Here you can find Waimey Canyon, much inferior in size to the Grand Canyon, but, nevertheless, no less interesting.

Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, where you can visit the Volcanoes National Park and see the mighty Kailauea volcano. Here you can enjoy the view of Akaka Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island. Also, remember that the best place with equipped golf courses, than this island, just impossible to find!

No less interesting is the island of Lanai, which may not be as famous as other large islands, but there are two resorts for tourists. In a word, to enjoy the incredible beauty of Hawaii, you only need to start the most exciting journey in your life!

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