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Iowa – a staff of vast prairies and exciting megacities

The indigenous Indians called their land Iowa, or a beautiful country, because of the beauty of the vast pastures and lands yielding plentiful harvests, and these natural features remained intact for centuries and are still visible inside the state called Hawkeye.
If for your trip you want to choose something that is different from the standard routes of the Big Apple, then you should definitely visit Iowa, which offers the perfect balance between relaxation and the life of big cities.

From a naturalistic point of view, Iowa is the tourist destination that can offer many solutions. For example, those wishing to spend a few days of healthy rest can visit Decorah, near the border with Minnesota, where they can find Dunnings Spring Park. It is also possible to enjoy a wonderful picnic in the shade of lush greenery, not so far from the magnificent waterfall, which is the main attraction of the park.

Also for nature lovers there is an opportunity to go to Hitchcock Nature Center of Council Bluffs, which is disposed in Pottavatomi. The most popular activity of tourists is watching birds and wild animals, where you can also light a fire and in the circle of your group, enjoy a panoramic view. Thus, the nature of Iowa leaves an indelible impression for tourists.

Visit the unique natural attractions of Iowa and enjoy the best holiday in life!

This state is also very interesting from a historical point of view. It is necessary to know that in Iowa lived a tribe of Native Americans, who were forced to move to the south, leaving their lands to the newly-formed United States. To date, unfortunately, there are not so many traces left by the Indians, only some random museums that tell about the evolution of cities have preserved data about them.

When you travel to Iowa, of course, do not lose sight of its capital Des Moines, where almost the whole day can be spent for visiting the Capitol. Very interesting are the State Historical Museum and the charming Des Moines Art Museum.
In literal translation, the name Des Moines means Monks. In fact, this is a very quiet city, where everywhere is full of greenery and botanical gardens. Initially, the city was created to protect against attacks from the peoples of Sioux and Fox, who were pioneers in the settlement of surrounding areas. Art lovers will not miss the chance to visit the center of Des Moin Arts, where you can see the works of Picasso, Renoir, Wood and Hopper.
It’s worth noting that Iowa is among the few American states where you can really appreciate real American cuisine, which does not consist of simple fast food, but provides an opportunity to try healthy, slow food.

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