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Maryland – a trip to the state of the famous cities of Annapolis and Baltimore

Maryland is an American state on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, bordering with Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. A curious fact is the presence on the state coat of arms of the phrase “Courageous actions, feminine words”, a motto that does not just belittle, but, on the contrary, fills with pride all people born in this “Freedom State”.

From the first years of the seventeenth century Maryland became part of the colony of Chesapeake, and was known for the endless tobacco plantations. The founding of the colony occurred in 1634, and by decree of the English King Charles it was named after the Queen Henrietta Maria. This area was marked by significant Catholic pathos, but in 1649 a law was adopted on freedom of religion for its inhabitants, with the proviso that they had to recognize the Holy Trinity. The rights that were granted the citizens of Maryland were unacceptable in most of the nearby provinces, which was the impetus for thousands of migrants to come here in search of a place to live. Thus, the population began to grow, which contributed to the creation of many cities, including the modern capital of the state, Annapolis, founded by a group of Puritans fleeing from Virginia. After experiencing a small crisis due to excessive tolerance in matters of religion, Maryland again resumed the growth process, which led him in 1788 to the decision to become part of the first 13 US states, with the approval of a new American constitution that was personally written by the first president George Washington.

Learn interesting facts of American history when traveling to Maryland, the state that was at the source of the creation of a great country!

From the morphological view, the territory of the state is very diverse, where sand dunes alternate with endless meadows, wetlands dotted with rare reptiles with large forests with cypress, and in the southwestern part, near the border with West Virginia, is the highest point of the state, Hoya Crest , exceeding in height of one thousand meters.

Annapolis has a 300-year history, and among its famous attractions can be noted the US Naval Academy, founded in 1845, from where the best naval officers of the country came. In the capital, you should definitely see the Capitol – the state house of Maryland, as well as an interesting object is the Liberty Tree, a 400-year-old poplar named a symbol of freedom, where veterans meet under its mighty branches.

Although Annapolis is the capital of the state, it should be noted that the most densely populated city of the state is Baltimore with nearly 800,000 inhabitants. Baltimore is also amongst the oldest cities in America and was founded in 1661.

The next interesting city center is Rockville – the center of Montgomery County, with a populace of approximately 45,000 inhabitants. It is full of beautiful natural sceneries, among which there is certainly a big waterfall and waterfalls of the Potomac River.

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