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Main – an American state of incredible natural beauty

America, discovered such a long time ago by Christopher Columbus, is by far among the most popular destinations in the world. This fantastic continent on Earth attracts by its diversity and characteristic features. But America is big, and it’s hard to decide which is the most beautiful point of this continent. Among the best places in the United States of America, for those who are interested in the ocean, mountains and horrors, you can especially allocate Maine.

Yes, this is not a typo, exactly we speak about horrors, since the famous novelist of horror stories Stephen King, chose as the site of his book a small town in Maine. In fact, this is a fictional town of Castle Rock, which in reality exists under a different name. Almost every year in Maine, there are presentations of his books, including in Portland, which, in addition to being the capital of the state, is also the birthplace of Stephen King.
Portland was born as a port and a place of trade, and still in its bay one can feel the flavors of those ancient times. Among the historical places in the old port is the famous restaurant, where it is possible to taste the most delicious fish. Certainly worth a stroll through the streets of Portland and just admire the surrounding sceneries. In 2003 Portland was awarded a prize, as the most popular tourist destination among American cities.

An amazingly interesting and unique show can be enjoyed in July in Rockland, where a historic regatta of sailing ships, called the Great Schooner Race, takes place. Massive vessels measuring up to 40 meters in length, dating from the 19th century, participate in the event, when they were the main means of transportation in these parts. A particular fact of the race is that after a day’s competition, in the evening, sailing ships line up near the shore and tourists and fans can view them in close proximity.

Enjoy the amazing beauty of nature and historical places when traveling to Maine!

The state of Maine is disposed in the northwest of the United States, on the border with Canada, on the one hand is surrounded by the Appalachian mountains, and on the other – by the Atlantic Ocean, which in many places helps to alleviate the harsh temperatures.
Beach lovers will be able to enjoy here numerous beaches during the summer. The beaches are sandy and mostly placed in the southern part. Here you can find many peninsulas with small islets, among which is the tourist center Bar Harbor, which is the starting point for exploring the Acadia National Park.
An incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon can be observed in Maine, especially in the autumn. It’s about foliage, which is like an explosion of intense color pastel tones, which are dominated by red and brown. This phenomenon attracts visitors to the forests, where this unforgettable spectacle can be seen especially clearly.

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