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Minnesota North Star – a trip to the state of 10,000 lakes

Minnesota, or the so-called state of the Northern Star, is the thirty-second state that joined the Commonwealth. It is disposed at the Canadian border, in the far north of the country, and its population is just over five million people. Geographically it is placed in the Upper Midwest area. It is also called the state of 10,000 lakes. The territory is characterized by numerous rivers, including Minnesota and Mississippi. In all likelihood, the name Minnesota originates from the language of the Indians and means “water reflecting the sky.”

The climatic conditions of Minnesota are characterized as continental, with cold winters with snow, wind and blizzard, limiting visibility. Spring, as a rule, is rainy and phenomena such as tornadoes are observed. In the summer, the temperature rises substantially, but the climate remains fairly humid. The territory of the state is covered with prairies surrounded by dense forests. On this basis, the main resource of the economy was initially forest transported through numerous rivers of the state, which led to the creation of sawmills, and later to the development of the wood processing industry.

In the nineteenth century, there was already a significant influx of immigrants from Northern Europe to Minnesota, which contributed to the creation and operation of mines. In the twentieth century, the countryside began to be devastated and with the onset of the industrial boom, large urban centers were built.

Visit the capital of St. Paul and enjoy the journey to Minnesota!

The capital of the state of St. Paul, together with Minneapolis, are called twin cities, although in contrast to the second, in the capital to this day preserved buildings of past centuries, standing side by side with towering modern skyscrapers. St. Paul is formed from several different from each other areas, evidencing their different origins. Very interesting is the way that leads to the discovery of places related to the life and work of the famous writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
Meanwhile, Minneapolis is a larger city than St. Paul, and is characterized by a very friendly and progressive atmosphere, with a developed and efficient service system, where various cultural activities are offered. Magnificent museums, galleries, theaters and a lot of interesting entertainment for children puts Minneapolis among the best America’s cities.

An interesting fact is that the largest shopping center in the US can be found in Minnesota, and it is located in Bloomington and named Mall of America. The center offers not only 400 shops, but also theaters, cinemas, treadmills, restaurants and exciting theme parks, like the Lego Center.

Around the lakes you can find a lot of natural parks, among which you can see Pipestone National Monument, which stores the priceless Red Mountain in aluminum silicate.

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