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Mississippi is an American state and the name of the longest river in the US

The American state of Mississippi, with the capital of Jackson, borders on such states as Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama. The state received its name from the river which flows through it. The territory of Mississippi is covered with extensive forests. Geographically, the state landscape is mostly flat, with numerous forests and the Woodwall Mountain, which is the highest point, just over eight hundred meters, while the lowest point can be found on the coast stretching along the Gulf of Mexico.
Along the coast there are wide bays, among which are St. Louis, Biloxi and Pascagul.
Ethnographic composition of the population of the Mississippi is very heterogeneous, and here there are farmers with Italian roots, Lebanese, Africans, Irish and Chinese, and you can find Native Americans, mostly concentrated in the Philadelphia area.
Tourism here is quite actively developed, thanks to the fame and interest that awakens by the existence of the longest Mississippi River.

In addition to being the state capital, Jackson is also its largest city, including the outskirts of Hinds, Rankin, Madison, Copiah and Simpson counties. Jackson offers a lot of interesting things for people of all ages. Here is the Mississippi Art Museum, where you can see works of such great artists as Picasso and Renoir O’Keefe.

Although the main watercourse is the Mississippi River, there are other rivers like Big Black River, Pearl, Yazoo, Pascagule and Tombigbee. From the number of lakes can be identified reservoir Ross Barnell, Arkabutla, Lake Sardis and Grenada.

Enjoy beautiful scenery, cultural and historical monuments on your trip to Mississippi!

The city of Biloxi resembles a wild flower. In the beautiful city center you can enjoy the view of the streets full of magnolias and hedgerows, which is comparable to the flowering islands, which is a real feast for the eyes.
Meanwhile, Sand Beach Harrison County is a strip of white sand, where people come to fish and rest.
It is also interesting to visit the National Military Park and the Vicksburg cemetery, where you can plunge into the true history of these lands. Here are copies of ancient constructions, there are memorial tables about the memorable events of the civil war between the North and the South. Very curious to visit is the Biedenharn Candy Company and the Museum of Coca-Cola, where you can see the first bottles of the famous drink, produced even before it the conquest the world.

An extraordinary sight can be seen when visiting Singing River, named so because in a certain segment of its current, namely in Pascagoula, it emits a very characteristic noise that scientists can not specifically identify, because it reminds of whether the singing of a woman, or the sound of a flight a swarm of bees.

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