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Missouri – the state crossed by greatest American rivers

Disposed in the Midwest, with the capital of Jefferson City, Missouri is crossed by the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. It joined the United States in 1821, being before a French colony. It also became the first settlement point for everyone who wanted to move to the United States, received the nickname of the Gateway to the West.
Missouri is one of two existing states with the largest number of neighbors, namely, it borders on eight other states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The Mississippi flows along the eastern border, and Missouri, flowing from west to east, connects the two cities of Kansas City and St. Louis.

The name of the state, in all probability, originates from the Indian tribe Sinoau and means “canoe”.
Geographically, the state is divided into three main parts. In the northern part, there are plains intersected by the Missouri River, in the middle lies the Ozark plateau with small mountains stretching until Arkansas, and to the south again are the plains through which the waters of the great Mississippi River pass.
The population of Missouri is characterized by a simple and very practical approach to life.

Jefferson city is not so large in scales, with a population of 35,000 inhabitants, but it preserves the immense historical importance, as the father of American independence Thomas Jefferson was born here.
St. Louis is much larger than the capital and is characterized by the atmosphere of true old America, where local people have a tradition to drink good beer, go bowling, baseball, and also often here are offered the historical and cultural events.
Meanwhile, the city of seven bridges, lying in the upper part of Missouri is Gateway Arch, with a giant arch of almost two hundred meters high.

Travel to Missouri, to the state of the great American rivers and discover the true America!

Kansas City attracts visitors with its features, among which at the first place is to be noted places where you can listen the true jazz, restaurants with the famous barbecue, and also the presence of more than two hundred fountains. In Missouri is the legendary route 66 following which you can find unusual areas of the state, often seen by us in various films.
The local climate differs depending on the territorial changes, and in the northern part it is more humid and continental, with a cold winter and hot summer, and to the south is observed a more subtropical one. Since there are no high mountains or large bodies of water, summer and winter are characterized by rains due to the cold air masses of the Arctic and hot air coming from the Gulf of Mexico.
An interesting place to visit for nature lovers is the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, which is the only Missouri National Park that includes the Current and Jacks Fork rivers. In the park you can find many cozy places to camp.

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