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Montana – a journey among the fabulous landscapes and the Rocky Mountains

The state of Montana is disposed in the north-west of the country and is the 41st state that joined the United States. Its population is about 950,000 people, and the natural conditions of the state play a significant role in the urbanization of many of its districts. The name of the state comes from the Spanish word “Montana”, which means mountain and is a clear reference to the morphological conformation of these lands, where the mountainous landscape, which includes the northernmost part of the chain of the Rocky Mountains, decisively prevails.

Among the main resources of the state, it is necessary to note the magnificent nature and landscapes that are characterized by the vast expanses of the Great Plains in the south, the main mountain ranges, rivers and untouched lakes that are of great importance for water supply, fisheries, which is a significant sector for the population and economy, and for the generation of energy, taking into account the availability of hydroelectric power stations.

The state’s economy is largely based on wheat growing and oil and coal production in the eastern territories, whereas in the western provinces the production of timber and tourism are developed, since most national parks are concentrated here. It is in this part of the state that there are three of the five entrances to the famous Yellowstone Park.
The history of Montana is connected with the events that have occurred since the arrival of the white settlers and their relationship with the American Indians, which in this region were grouped in the tribes Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet and Kootenai.

There is a tragicomic story, which told by local people: “When the whites came, they had alcohol, and we have land. They said: “Close your eyes and drink.” When we opened our eyes again, we had alcohol, and they have land. “
Another event that has become part of the history of the state is the victory in the boxing match of Jack Dempsey against Tom Gibbons, which was held in Shelby on July 4, 1923. Having received the title of world champion and $ 300,000, the winner practically devastated the treasury of the city and left three banks bankrupt.

Interesting stories and magnificent nature await you on a trip to Montana!

The capital of Montana is Helena, which is a quiet town with only 25 000 inhabitants. The city has a certain past and several curious stories are associated with its foundation. In particular, they say that the foundation of the city was connected with the opening of a gold mine worth twenty million dollars, in the very place where the main street of the city is now located. The mine was discovered when gold diggers were already discouraged by the failures of previous searches and therefore excavations were dubbed as “Last Chance”.

Montana provides tourists with the opportunity to visit dozens of reserves of indescribable beauty, as well as the Glacier National Park, placed on the border with Canada. This huge protected area includes about fifty glaciers, two hundred lakes, thousands of plant species, many species of animals and hundreds of birds.

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