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Nevada – a journey among the excesses of Las Vegas and the silence of the desert

Excluding the two most populated areas of the state, the bustling and lush Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada is a region of arid desert with sparse settlements and endless straight roads. It can be assumed that it was for this reason that Nevada was the first state to abolish the speed limit on highways, and maybe because, thanks to the legend of Las Vegas, this is a state where absolutely everything is possible. About Las Vegas, you can think anything, considering it either as a nightmare or as a shrine for someone who is madly in love with this place, and someone feeds on hatred, like a soulless and empty hotbed of debauchery. Whatever you think, Las Vegas is a unique phenomenon in the world that is worth seeing.
The heart of Las Vegas is the Strip Boulevard, where you can see luxury hotels, a variety of attractions and exciting and fabulous landscapes. Here, the most expensive hotels compete with each other in offering the most феекфсешму entertainments with only one purpose to entice customers into their gaming halls, because Las Vegas is supported precisely with the revenues from the casino.

It is worth noting such hotels as MGM Grand, Luxor with Imax, Mandalay Bay with reefs and sharks, Bellagio, which reproduces Italian architecture, also Venetian, where you can ride a gondola under the bridge of sighs, or see the eruption of a volcano in the garden of Mirage hotel.

In a word, the brightest neon star flashed in the desert of the state is Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps and has become the world capital of gambling and marriages occurring in one day. Of course, there is its, the so-called younger sister of Reno, located on Lake Tahoe, which however specializes in equally rapid divorces.
In general, Nevada is a huge desert land, where there are only five people per square kilometer. In the northern part you can wander through the large spaces of the Cowboy Country or the Great National Park. Further to south, on the way from Las Vegas, there is Lake Mead, which is a huge reservoir created by the Hoover Dam, where you can go swimming or surfing amongst the spectacular natural scenery.

Take an exciting journey through the American desert in Nevada!

However, it should be noted that Nevada is not only Las Vegas, but also many other interesting things. Lake Mead will give you the opportunity to refresh yourself a bit in the desert, and not far from it is the Valley of Fire, where the flame rises ​​from the desert plain.

Not far from Reno, near Lake Tahoe you can visit the above mentioned park, which is a popular place for hikes and picnics. And on the border with California, following along the shores of Lake Washoe, you can see the profile of the Sierra Nevada mountain range from a distance.

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