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New Jersey – a trip to a small American state

America appears for visitors in all the diversity of its landscapes and the goodwill of people who are always attuned positively to tourists. If you have planned a trip to New York, do not miss the chance to visit the state of New Jersey, which is able to offer a lot of interesting and pleasant, which greatly enriches your tourist experience.
It should be noted that New Jersey is listed among the smallest states of the United States, bordering with New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It was founded in 1787. Although the capital is Trenton, the most populous urban center can be considered Newark, also called a brick city.

The state’s national motto is “Freedom and prosperity!” It was through New Jersey in the twentieth century that millions of emigrants moved to the United States.
The region disposed in the north-west of the state and called Skylands is rich in many green areas and hills, while the southeastern part is more flat.
Territories on the Atlantic coast were inhabited by Swedes and Dutch. It is worth noting that a significant percentage of Americans of Italian descent live in New Jersey.

For those who arrive here by plane, it is useful to know that Newark Liberty International Airport is placed just 24 km from New York, so it is very easily accessible by various means of transport.
In the museum of Newark you can see a lot of different evidence of the colonial period. It is known that before 1600, this territory was inhabited only by indigenous tribes of Lenape.

Travel without limits and learn more interesting facts on your trip to New Jersey!

Among the interesting tourist places, one should certainly mention the Crossing State Park Washington, which is of great historical importance, as George Washington in 1776 crossed the Delaware River in order to attack the British soldiers.
Among the interesting places you should visit such as the National Reserve Pinelands, fabulously rich in natural beauty, the historical society of New Jersey, the historic museum, also the library of New Jersey.

In order to give your travel more color and create a holiday atmosphere, it is recommended to visit Atlantic City, which is a kind of Las Vegas, where various kinds of entertainment are offered, including a casino.
This small state is also famous for the fact that many famous coryphaeus of modern music came from here, including Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, The Misfits, May Chemical Romance and the great Frank Sinatra.

In conclusion, an interesting fact is that according to the opinion of many competent experts, about 200 million years ago, New Jersey bordered on Africa, before the famous phenomenon called continental drift.

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