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North Carolina – a journey among beautiful cities, parks and coastal areas

Planning a trip to the United States and wanting to visit places really original and interesting, it is worth choosing North Carolina, which offers the opportunity to simultaneously visit the cities, the sea and the mountains. This state is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and is surrounded by the Appalachian mounts on the other. North Carolina is renown for its vast fields of tobacco, which are a truly spectacular sight and attract tourists no less than other attractions in this state.

The capital of the state is Raleigh, in spitr of the fact that the largest city is Charlotte. In addition to the Appalachians mountain range, the territory of North Carolina also includes part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is mainly agricultural state, and in addition to the tobacco fields, you can see a large number of pig farms. Also actively developed tourism industry, thanks to the Atlantic coast, that attracts many tourists.

The territory of the state comprises four national forest parks, in particular, Fasgi Park, Kroatano, Nantahal and Uwharrie.

The climatic conditions of North Carolina vary with the altitude, although by the degree of remoteness from the ocean. Thus, a humid subtropical climate is observed in the coastal flat areas and on the Piedmont Plateau, while in the Blue Ridge the climate is more humid continental.

Among the main places to visit will certainly be the capital of the state Raleigh, which is the site of the first American state University. Here you can visit two important museums, as Capitol Museum of the History of North Carolina, where you can learn the whole history of the state, which was the main hero of the wars for independence and secession, also the Museum of Art, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy a huge collection of works of art, as ancient or modern Europe. The capital also offers a very busy nightlife, fine shops and restaurants.

Perhaps it should be noted that the most exciting part of the state is still the coastal zone. The Albemarle peninsula with the beautiful city of Edenton, placed on the north coast attracts many tourists. Here you can join an organized tour by tram, during which you can admire the most beautiful Victorian houses in the city. Near the center is the National Memorial to the Wright brothers, erected in the very spot from where the notable brothers made the first flight on a motor plane.

Moving to the south, you can reach the city of Beaufort, the historic center of which is decorated with colonial buildings, and on the waterfront is an active and vibrant nightlife.

Travelers, nostalgic for the hippie period, will be happy to visit Asheville, which is a mythical city of hippy meetings. Here, the streets are filled with shops in a vintage style, and you will feel lost in time.

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