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North Dakota – a journey between Bismarck and Fargo, to the most remote American state

Disposed in the north of the central part of United States, North Dakota is part of the Midwest region and is bordered by the states of South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, also by Canada. The state is crossed by two large rivers, Missouri and the Red River, the first of which forms the lake Sakakawea, and the second one – the Red River Valley, an extremely fertile area, perfectly suitable for agriculture.
Plain, cold and remote, North Dakota, may not seem quite an ordinary destination for travel. But, in reality, although this state is the least visited by tourists, this is most likely due to its geographical location, rather than to the wealth of sights offered here.
Among the interesting activities there is certainly a need to note the hunt, but North Dakota is also known for other types of outdoor activities, such as windsurfing and bird watching. The more time you spend among these spacious and open plains, the more you will be surprised by the colorful landscapes and diversity of this northern state.

The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck, although Fargo is the largest city and at the same time the main university center. One of the two bases of the US Air Force is also located here. Fargo, in addition to a large university center, offers many attractions, including the Fargo Aviation Museum, which is entirely dedicated to flying vehicles and everything that will allow us to understand how these huge vehicles operate. It will be interesting to visit the famous theater of the city with unique acoustics, where you can see performances and even movies.

The Plains Museum of Art, consisting of three floors, offers a very entertaining collection.
Bismarck, founded in 1872, was declared the capital of the state since the creation of North Dakota, namely in 1889. Bismarck, located on the Missouri River, is the home of five universities. Visit of the Heritage Center of North Dakota, will create a clear picture of the history of the state. It is also worth visiting the State Capitol, built in the period after the First World War and called the “skyscraper of the prairies”, since it is much higher than other buildings in this region.

Plunge yourself into the charm of northern landscapes and beautiful cities when traveling to North Dakota!

Certainly of a great tourist interest is the National Park of Theodore Roosevelt, where you can enjoy fresh air and silence, also observe the stunning sceneries. The park is placed near the western border and is a protected state territory, within which one can see bizarre rock formations and vast expanses covered with lush meadows. Here live a lot of wild animals and 186 species of birds.

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