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Ohio – the state of untouched, wild landscapes, breathtaking nature, folklore and traditions

The American state of Ohio was the first and most eastern of all the states of the Midwest that was incorporated into the Union, with the adoption of the Northwest Decree. The state received its name from the river of the same name, which crosses it. The capital of the state is Columbus, which is a developed commercial and industrial center. In the whole of Ohio, there are many important agricultural and industrial enterprises, a large concentration of which is observed in Cleveland, considered the most important industrial center of the state. The most important sectors are the automobile and aviation industries; even Wright brothers chose Ohio to perform their experiments.
The population of Ohio is about 12 million people, making it the seventh most populous state in the country. The capital, named after the famous Cristoforo Colombo, provides visitors with many attractions and has a very interesting center, where there are various churches, colleges and the University. It is worth to visit the Historic Center and Ohio Village, where the reconstruction of the countryside of the beginning of 1860 is presented. With indescribable beauty is characterized the park of roses, where you can see more than ten thousand rose bushes of three hundred different kinds.

Despite the fact that Columbus is the capital, Cleveland, with a population of about half a million inhabitants, is considered the largest city. Although it is more of an industrial city, there are many green areas, and in particular, thirty-nine parks, due to which it is called a forest city. In the center of Cleveland is the Tower City Center, where you can stroll around the shops and restaurants. From the height of the Terminal Tower, you will see a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Also worth a visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and Rockefeller Park, with beautiful gardens in which you can admire the sculptures of various masters.

Visit the interesting cities of the state with a lot of cultural places on your trip to Ohio!

The next place to visit may be Cincinnati, with a population of approximately 330,000 inhabitants, where you will find a beautifully restored urban center, with many hotels, bars and clubs.
Meanwhile, the city of Akron, called the “rubber capital of the world”, has concentrated the largest companies producing rubber products. There is even an exhibition called Goodyear Tire Rubber, dedicated to tires.
Another important point of travel is the small town of Milan, which gained its fame because Thomas Edison was born here, where you can visit his museum house.
The climatic conditions of Ohio can be described as continental, except for some southern regions, where the climate is more subtropical.

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