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Oregon – the state of the magnificent beaches of the Pacific coast

If you have planned a trip to the United States of America, you will certainly be charmed by the visit of the fantastic state of Oregon, located in the north-west of the country and on the Pacific coast. It is also named “the state of the beavers” because of the large number of these animals that live in its forests. But not only the presence of beavers makes the staff so amazing, but also the magnificent nature and many other things that are worth exploring on a visit.
Oregon occupies a vast geographical area, and with 340,000 inhabitants, is characterized by a variety of landscapes with mountain ranges, agricultural areas, arid and desert regions, where there is also Crater Lake, which is the deepest lake in the United States.
Due to the fact that the coast of the state is washed by the Pacific Ocean, the climate of the state is mostly temperate with varying temperatures, at which a maximum level of about 28 degrees is reached in August, and the minimum temperature, on average 2 degrees, is in January.
The Oregon Coast is a magnificent place that deserves to be explored and studied slowly. Although 340 miles seem to be relatively not a long distance, but there are a lot of things that can impress. Here you can see a truly impressive variety of attractions, from fishing villages and lighthouses to migrate whales, waterfalls and beautiful nature, in the bosom of which you can make pleasant walks.

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries and amazing nature when traveling to Oregon!

The capital of the state is Salem, although the most densely populated city is Portland, characterized by woodland, a huge natural heritage with rivers and waterfalls. Thanks to all this, Portland is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, which is definitely worth a visit. Here you can visit the International Garden of Roses, which presents numerous varieties of this beautiful plant and the visit is similar to immersion in an incredibly beautiful and fragrant ocean of color and aromas. It is for this reason that Portland is also called the “city of roses”.
Salem, a relatively small in size, in its turn offers many architectural monuments and other attractions.
It is certainly worth visiting the National Monument – Oregon Caves, which is a complex cave system, where you can see sea lions on the sea of ​​Leon Caves.
Also deserving of attention are the existing sand dunes forming the Dunes National Recreation Area, where a magnificent alternation of colors simply fascinates visitors.

In short, in Oregon you can see a variety of natural spectacles, which have not the equal ones in the world. No doubt this state will give you the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday in nature and enjoy the splendor of its coast.

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