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Oklahoma – the state of unexplored land and the famous “race for the land”

Placed in the Midwest of the United States, Oklahoma, one can say that it comes out of the framework of traditional and sought-after tourist routes, but, in fact, under detailed consideration, deserves to visit it. The state has three major urban centers, including its capital, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and the most important university town of Norman. The economy of Oklahoma is mainly based on the technological area, which include energy and telecommunications.

Oklahoma City can surprise its visitors with a number of interesting monuments and tourist attractions, including the Museum of Osteology, the Museum of Natural History, so much loved by children and offering numerous reproductions of various species of animals, including extinct animals.
Art lovers can enjoy in the Oklahoma City Museum a rich permanent collections, which also often hosts interesting periodic exhibitions.

Oklahoma City, in addition to being the capital of the state, is also the largest city with a population of 540,000 inhabitants, which reaches up to 1,300,000, taking into account the entire metropolitan region of Oklahoma City Shawnee.
The foundation of the city dates back to April 1889, namely from the day when the Oklahoma-Land Run event was announced, which was a kind of race for the land. At the same time, the settler, who was the first to stake out the land, received the right to own it. The result of this action was that in just six hours, for which 10,000 settlers received the right to build the first houses, this city was founded. Subsequently, the population growth was already irresistible, and in 1904 the city had already received its University. An additional incentive for the growth and development of the city was the discovery of many deposits in this area.

Learn about the history and culture of the state by visiting museums and interesting exhibits while traveling to Oklahoma!

The second largest city in the state is Tulsa, which also has three main museums. The Philbrook Museum of Art is disposed in the home of the oil pioneer Waite Phillips. This villa is designed in Italian style, and it has approximately 72 rooms, and around it is a magnificent park, spread out on 23 acres of land. Among the interesting collections are products from ceramics and various objects related to Indian culture. A beautiful park area, adjacent to the museum, allows visitors to have a perfect rest.

The next stop can be made at the Gilcrease Museum, where paintings by American artist Woody Crumbaugh are on display, and you can admire the stunning landscapes of Edgar Payne.
Meanwhile, Linnaes Teaching Garden will be able to enchant visitors with its vast and magnificent garden, where you can make great photos.

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