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Pennsylvania – a state of important historical events and magnificent natural areas

One of the interesting places to visit when traveling in the United States is definitely the state of Pennsylvania with the capital city of Harrisburg. Significant cities of the state are also Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Scranton, Bethlehem, Bensalem and Lancaster. Typically, tourists traveling to Pennsylvania primarily seek to visit Philadelphia, which is the sixth largest city of U. S. A. in terms of population. An ideal place to learn American history is the Independence National Historic Park, where more famous historical places are concentrated.

From a geographical point of view, Pennsylvania is characterized by a diverse landscape with not very high mountains, i.e. Appalachians, which cross the state from the south-west to the northeast. Also there are floodplains, valleys and sedimentary layers, very rich in deposits of coal, natural gas and oil. Concerning the climatic conditions, it can be noted that in winter the temperature drops below zero and snow phenomena are characteristic. Magnificent extensive forests and natural parks scattered throughout the state create colorful landscapes that attract numerous tourists. Those who wish to arrive here by plane can use two main airports, in particular, of Philadelphia, which is 11 km from the city and that of Pittsburgh, located 30 km from the city.

Visit the famous American cities when traveling to Pennsylvania!

Harrisburg has been the state’s capital since 1812 and undoubtedly represents one of the most important cities in the country as a whole. The largest training center of the Allied forces was concentrated here. Located on the bank of the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg is 170 km away from Philadelphia. Among the mandatory points of interest is the War Museum, disposed within the park and providing visitors with interesting facts and exhibitions related to the civil war. There are collections of artifacts, samples of grenades and even clothing, weapons and numerous photographs from the early 1850s.
The next interesting place is the Whitaker Center for Science and Art, completed in 1999 and representing the first museum where scientific facts and discoveries are presented in an entertaining style.

It should be noted that Pennsylvania is the site of the annual Farm Show, a well-known agricultural exhibition in which many farmers from around the state demonstrate their products.

Meanwhile, the eastern part of the state is known for a city of Philadelphia, which is a noisy and full of life place, with numerous shops, art galleries, museums and much more.
The historical center was created in 1600 by Thomas Holm, preserving the building of the City Hall in marble, the highest in the world. At its top, at an altitude of 167 meters, towers a statue of William Penn, who died in 1718.

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