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Rhode Island – the smallest American state

Rhode Island, disposed in New England and received the diminutive title as “Little Rhody”, is the smallest, but fairly densely populated state of the United States. Here, more than elsewhere, there are historical traces and evidence of the past, preserved to this day. Despite its small size, Rhode Island offers a lot of interesting and attracts masses of tourists in any season of the year. The total area of ​​the state is approximately 4,000 square kilometers and the territory is mostly flat, especially in coastal areas, and deepening into the state becomes hilly. There are regions covered with forests that are rich in a variety of tree species.
Initially founded as a result of the unification of the colonies, Rhode Island in 1776 became independent, and soon, in 1790, became part of the United States.
In the period when Jefferson, in 1807, imposed a ban on the import of textiles from England, Rhode Island, being a textile state, reached its maximum development. Although during the civil war the state was not the direct arena of any confrontation, it played a significant role in supplying the Yankee army.

The capital of the state is Providence, placed at the mouth of the same named river, near the border with Massachusetts and represents a vibrant and dynamic city center, providing all the amenities of a metropolis, and maintaining the quiet atmosphere of the provincial city. Here you can find a lot of attractions worth visiting, including Providence Biltmore and Westminster Arcade, which is among the oldest shopping centers in the country, built in 1828. It should also be mentioned about the Textron Tower, which is a 95-meter high skyscraper. Nature and history lovers will make a trip to Roger Williams Park, where you can find quaint Victorian objects.

Visit beautiful beaches and amazing coves along the coastline when traveling to Rhode Island!

Further, no less interesting place to visit is Newport, located 48 km from the capital, which is very popular for tourists especially in the summer. The city is considered a very unique and elegant resort, with luxurious residences and pleasure boats. For many years in Newport were held popular sailing competitions Cup of America. The city often hosts various events, including the famous music festival.

It is worth mentioning the culinary features of Rhode Island, which are mainly based on fish, potatoes and seafood. Also typical are dishes from smoked and dried beef, with a very characteristic flavor.
The most popular drink in Rhode Island is lemonade, which was born here and then became popular all over the world.

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